A beautiful garden at home creates a positive impression to anyone who visits it. The beauty and beauty of the garden also depend on the location or composition of the garden. The types of plants planted in it are things that must be considered for anyone who wants to make a garden. The contour of the land is also a matter that affects the composition of the garden.

There are two essential things that we must pay attention to. The first is soft elements (soft scape) and solid elements (hardscape). Both items are a blend that will give the impression of beauty in the garden. Softscape (Soft portion) is a landscape element consisting of life elements and horticultural elements, which include flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, and so on.

Here, we will discuss the hard elements that will improve your garden’s look to be more beautiful than before.

Garden Stones

Minimalist garden design is trendy and widely used by modern people. Where this design is indeed simple, can be applied on small land and is also easy to maintain. Where making a park and managing a park must even be thought of to match the design of the house you have.

One of them is the element or component of adding stones to the garden’s design. Often, architects use natural stone. But you must understand what types of rocks can be chosen for a minimalist garden.


The lighting element in the park is essential. In addition to providing lighting, garden lights can also beautify the garden at night. Generally lighting for parks uses spotlights to bring up the character of plants and buildings around it.

The first thing we need to do is determine the right ornament design. The ornaments we mean here are nothing but the lamppost itself. The reference we use is a concept rather than a garden that we are working on. The aesthetics must strictly follow the ideas contained in universal garden decorations. So that later there will be no confusion which damages the impression of the park itself. This result of this consideration will be visible when you choose path lights for your garden. If they do not match the surrounding environment, your design is flawed.

Statues and Decorative Objects

There are many models of sculptures that can be used. For a classic style garden, for example, statues of gods or angels are a suitable choice. Place them according to their size. In addition to sculptures, you can also put new figures like art from preserved wood to become the main accent in the garden.

Plant Pots

Lately, many plant pot models have been offered, to choose not only the suitability and harmony between pots and plants, but the important thing is also the suitability of plants to the nature of the material used. Here are the factors to consider: pay attention to the size, materials, price, and models.