With the purpose of giving important insights about physical deficiencies of your home –  which may be due to many factors like wear and tear or those caused by nature like earthquake or cyclones, I-Dream-of Home Portal is established as an online interactive machinery that has been providing the best expertise on home inspection. Our technical approach of perpetuating awareness of the importance of safety in our homes has been the driving force of the men and women in our stable who have earned their high level of competence from long years of experience and rigid training.

From the very foundation to the exterior and interior elements of your house, electrical and plumbing works, and insulation including heaters and air conditioning; we have educational articles and instructional videos to help you acquire the right knowledge on how to detect defects and deficiencies in your homes. While we also advocate do-it-yourself home inspection, we advise that professional home inspection should be done to substantiate your findings.  And when home renovations are necessary after home inspection, the knowledge that we impart to you will be very important when you supervise remedial works on your home.

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