Have you ever wondered why does your friend or perhaps a relative of yours prefer to buy an apartment compared to a house? For some people buying an apartment is a waste of money as the place is small with no room to enlarge, and the monthly maintenance fee can be off-putting for some people. So, again, you wonder why they bought an apartment instead of a house. In this article, we’re going to side with those who bought an apartment, as the small building has their perks when compared to a house. If you’re still curious, keep on reading this article to know more about what we’re talking about.


There’s a lot of benefits on having an apartment, and one of it is the amenities that it can offer to you. For example, let’s say that you want to go to the gym for a bit of exercise after work. Or maybe you wanted a private parking spot that your neighbor can’t do anything about it. If so, then this is why you should buy an apartment rather than a house as this amenities are included in the unit that you purchased, you have a public gym, private parking spot and some studios have a room that you can use for small events or meeting.



Living in a small apartment pushes you to live in a minimalist lifestyle, where you can see only certain things that you need in your life. If you’ve been living as a hoarder and want to break the habit by moving to a new place, a condo or an apartment will suit you as it’ll limit the things that you have.

Mini Garden

Always fancy to grow your plants but don’t want to take care of a big yard on your own? Here’s another reason on why some people love living in an apartment! Believe it or not, you can still have a garden when you’re living in a studio, a mini garden of course. You can grow small plants, and you can even grow your herbs or vegetables in your living area!



When you bought an apartment, you have to know that you’re getting into a community as well. Your neighbors could be someone that you work with or someone that you can gossip with and if you’re single who knows that you might meet the right one inside the big building?