Monday, June 22, 2015

Stepping Into Summer

Happy first Monday of Summer,  all. Hope that the season is starting out on the right foot for you! And that there are plenty of bright sunny days, glasses of rosé sipped on the terrace, big bowls of strawberries, mornings spent shell seeking at the beach, a walk in the lavender fields, a jump in the lake or whatever else sums up summer for you!

What's your favorite thing about stepping into the season?

Monday, June 8, 2015

New England Adventures

Happy Monday, all. Didn't mean to be check out this long but it took a few days to get organized after our New England wandering. As always I fell in love with the natural beauty and charm of this part of the world - lobster buoys and clam shacks in Maine where we caught up with family. Grey shingles and garden gates that you can't resist peeking beyond in Nantucket. And a walk down memory lane at Mr. H's college reunion - dorm life and carefree university days relived behind red bricks and through iron gates.

And now summer is almost here and there are a multitude of client projects and a new website that I'm determined to finish one of these days. So posts may become a bit more sparse for awhile - but I'll pop in from time to time... and please join me on Instagram where I'll continue to post a painting each day.

Hope the warm days have found you and that sunshine and all of season's splendors aren't far behind! XO


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