Monday, August 3, 2015

COMING HOME - Part Four and a little bit of French Chic

Happy Monday, all! The next chapter of "Coming Home" by Sharon Santoni is up at My French Country Home. This week our heroine Catherine takes a lesson or two in French style from the women in her village...

And speaking of lessons in French chic, Sharon's book My Stylish French Girlfriends just launched! She worked so hard and put so much of her beautiful point of view and affection for her adopted home country in this book. A big round of applause to her on this achievement.

How lucky we are to have both Sharon's lovely short story and her new book to devour this week.

Hope you enjoy! XO


  1. Love these my friend I hope you are enjoying your summer!

  2. So gorgeous! I bet those ballerines are already sold! :)

  3. THE STORY is FABULOUS and of course YOU know how it ENDS!!!!
    MY BOOK has not arrived yet!AMAZON said the 6th.......................can not wait to SIT and devour and tear up AGAIN when I see CHARLOTTES home!!
    YOUR Paintings ADD so much..................

  4. Hi Jeanne, I just love the feminine illustrations you gave us this week,your images are definitely a huge plus in this weekly story.


  5. can't wait to get my paws on the book and climb inside those pages! your slippers drew me right in...make my pair a hushed nude-y blush, s'il vous plait. peace to you right where you are.

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