Monday, August 24, 2015

COMING HOME The Final Chapter

Please join me in Provence one last time to find out how Sharon Santoni's charming COMING HOME ends. The last chapter - and final series of illustrations - is up on My French Country Home.

Will you miss Catherine as much as I will? Thanks to Sharon for penning such a lovely story, and to Heather from Lost in Arles for her edits. And a huge merci to everyone who took a little time out of their busy summer to find out what happens when one inherits a house in Provence.

Here's to happy endings! Cheers! XO

Monday, August 17, 2015



Facing Monday is a little bit easier knowing that we get to find out what happens next in Sharon Santoni's COMING HOME. A new chapter is up over at My French Country Home. Please join me to find out exactly what Catherine and Bob find in that Shepard's Hut... 

There's a freshly painted batch of illustrations, as well. Let me know if anything catches your eye!

Happy Monday! XO

Friday, August 14, 2015

Paintings Now at Watson Kennedy

Happy Friday, all. Super thrilled to share that you can now find my paintings at Watson Kennedy Fine Home in Seattle. Watson Kennedy is a Seattle shopping institution - the kind of place that can lift your spirits from the moment you step through the door, and that will keep you busy discovering beautiful things for hours. I've been inspired by shop owner Ted Kennedy Watson for years - I'd wander into the Pike Place Market store for a little "beauty therapy" on particularly stressful days when I worked in PR - and can't think of a better home for my paintings. Such an honor to see them on the walls!

Ted and I share a philosophy that simple beauty can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary - something he brings to life so well in his book Style and Simplicity - and my goal was for this series of paintings to reflect this point of view and to be unique to Watson Kennedy and the lovely things you'll find there.

Many have sold already, but more are coming soon! 

You can find out more here on Ted's blog - or contact Watson Kennedy.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Story Time: Another Chapter of COMING HOME

Grab a glass of rosé - or perhaps a cafè créme and a bit of baguette if it's more appropriate for the hour - and join me over at My French Country Home for the next chapter in Sharon's charming story, COMING HOME.

There's a fresh batch of illustrations, too. Let me know if any catch your eye. Once again, the first message received gets first dibs.

Happy reading, everyone! Don't you just love these little weekly trips to Provence? XO

Monday, August 3, 2015

COMING HOME - Part Four and a little bit of French Chic

Happy Monday, all! The next chapter of "Coming Home" by Sharon Santoni is up at My French Country Home. This week our heroine Catherine takes a lesson or two in French style from the women in her village...

And speaking of lessons in French chic, Sharon's book My Stylish French Girlfriends just launched! She worked so hard and put so much of her beautiful point of view and affection for her adopted home country in this book. A big round of applause to her on this achievement.

How lucky we are to have both Sharon's lovely short story and her new book to devour this week.

Hope you enjoy! XO


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