Friday, May 22, 2015

Which Way To Your Happy Place?

Of course there is no place like home... but we all have our happy places.

Those spots in the world where we feel alive in a different way. That awaken, energize, recharge, relax and help us understand ourselves and the world a little bit better.  These places all speak to us in their own unique fashion... Paris inspires me creatively like nowhere else - the man-made sublime is so on display, from the art hanging in the Louvre to a superbly arranged flower stand. Sun Valley is beautiful not just because we tied the knot there but because it's so easy to be out in nature and breath deep and play hard. Nantucket brings quite contemplation and a slower pace. Drinks sipped on the lawn at sunset. The sound of waves on the sand.

I'll be away for a while, soaking in everything I can from one of my happiest of places. Hope you have a beautiful rest of the month! If anyone needs me, they can find me listening to the sound that clam shells make beneath bicycle tires on a path in 'Sconset.

Where are your happy places?  XO


  1. Oh, have a wonderful time!! I am so excited for you. Good to refill the well of inspiration too. The photo from your wedding just left me

    I have a few Happy Places but most of them I don't know if I will ever be able to return to -- being on safari in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, Bali -- and those that I might such a Le Bon Marché in Paris and Florence. Ok, plus right here in Provence. :)

  2. Dearest Jeanne, that photo of Nantucket has to be one of my favorites that I've seen on Instagram, Pinterest or Blogger. Anywhere it's BLUE and WHITE are my happy places. That's why my home studio is all white with a touch of aqua here and there.

    Enjoy your time away; after finals and school are over, my husband and I are going to enjoy the seaside at Carmel, California - our happy place and honeymoon spot from 33 years ago.

    ENJOY ! Anita

  3. I love New York..... and many places in India....and still have a hankering to live in Paris!!

  4. I have many Paris for sure, Provence, Napa Valley, Hamptons and Hawaii (big island and Maui) all come to mind...I will take any one of them. I have not been to Sun Valley but would love to go- it looks so beautiful! Have a wonderful trip, look forward to Thursday:)

  5. Our happy places include being with our loved ones so they are all over the world! Wherever we end up for lunch next Thursday with you, Jeanne, will be our happy place for the day. Have a safe trip and can't wait to catch up!
    C + C

  6. As much as I love to wander, my home IS my ultimate happy place, especially out by my pool on summer weekends. Add Paris, anywhere in Italy and on the beach at the Ritz Carlton is good! Enjoy Nantucket...another of my favorites but I haven't been for years. xoxo

  7. your places sound heavenly, jeanne. meet me on oahu's north shore on a secluded, hidden beach with sea turtles. or in a desert canyon in central arizona. or a posh hotel in chicago's gold coast. i will have to visit paris a few more times to feel a real connection to the place, but inside carnavalet made me awfully happy. peace to you on your journey.

  8. oh, cannot wait to hear more. You know me, give me the South of France anyday. Enjoy, xo, ebh

  9. Oh there a few happy places for me! One is looking over a field in Ireland as I sipped wine at Coolclogher house in Kerry! The other is staring at Lake placid form a mini waterfall that we use to hike to with the dogs! So great to see you I wish so much luck with your website endeavor I know it will be wonderful!

  10. I feel so fortunate to have seen you on your journey….and can't wait to visit one of your happiest places this summer! And, then of course for you to show me your happiest places at home!!!

    xoxo E

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