Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Blues: The prettiest shade of turquoise in London and Paris

Speaking of color, sometimes it's not until after the fact that you realize a certain hue has been following you around, trying to get your attention. In London and Paris, it was a lovely turquoise blue - the shade of a perfect swimming pool on a hot summer day (ironically because we were quite chilly while on our our trip). When I got home, I noticed this lovely color popping up in photos and in packaging - and the scarf I picked up at the Marche aux Puces in Paris.

The Monday Blues are quite nice when they're in this pretty shade...

Hope yours is just as lovely! XO


  1. Jeanne,
    What a fresh, fun pop of color today. Turquoise always makes me think of water, so it's fun to see all the other places it pops up. Your photos are magnificent!!!!

    We had days of sun followed by a full day of rain Monday Blues is right! Feeling bright though b/c I know it will help everything bloom faster!

    Here's to a week full of the prettiest blues!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. Jeanne these fun and cool palettes brighten my day all the time!!
    Now I just need to get to France, and especially Paris!!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Love what you capture Jeanne. And I love me some turquoise and pink:)

  4. Hello Jeanne,

    I love the freshness of your images on this post. It looks like you had a good trip. It is often when we are away and travelling that our eyes are opened to something new. Have a great week

  5. My absolute favorite colour, Jeanne! And I sure need some spring inspiration; our budding spring has flattened out again to a late winter feeling with high winds, 40 degrees and a bit of frost. BUT WE will eventually make it - we always do.

    ENJOY! Anita

  6. Such a beautiful color Jeanne! My husband has business coming up in Paris and I'd like to join him however I'd be spending the days by myself ;\ and I'd be confined to the city which isn't all that bad however I really want to see the countryside. I am regrouping after being away for a little while and I've got a crazy work day ahead .......... off and running!

  7. So beautiful, Jeanne! Your color coordinated photos remind me of those of Nichole Robertson (Paris in Love) - you should frame a collection of these on a gallery wall. Have a delightful week, my dear! Hugs!!!

  8. I thought I had left a comment? Anyway, this post calls for a "road trip" in that snappy blue car.
    Take a trip to "life in sketch" where you are are parked today!

  9. Hi there not sure how I missed this GORGEOUS post but seriously if these pictures were a book I would totally buy it! Beautifully done Jeanne:)

  10. Absolutely love turquoise, and you have shared some wonderful images here.
    The tins re perfect!



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