Friday, April 24, 2015

Life In Sketch - Today and Yesterday


Happy Friday! Hope the week is winding down and a lovely weekend is in store. A quick shout out today to my friend PVE Design who wrote the nicest little piece ahout me on the Life in Sketch blog...

Patricia has been such an advocate and inspiration since I first started to think about leaving my day job to work on my art full time, that to have her write about me is truly a dream come true. Thanks PVE! And to be in such good company on Tina Ramchandani's blog is gratifying - please check it out if you have a moment - you'll find all kind of good stuff and perspectives inspired by interiors and design.

Admittedly, until this year when I started on my "sketch a day" project, living a "life in sketch" - or keeping a consistent sketchbook - hasn't been a regular practice... but yesterday I came across a book I kept while traveling in France on an En Plein Air painting workshop. Giverny was our home base, and almost every evening we painted in Monet's garden after it closed it's gates to the public. Life changing. It was like living in a canvas. On this trip I saw Paris for the first time and kept a painted journal of all my impressions....

Like a little time capsule, it ensures I'll never forget those days in Mr. Monet's garden, which makes it so much easier to conjure it up and paint it again almost 20 years down the road.

Do you have a way of keeping memories alive? Of measuring your current dreams against those that you lived years and years go?

So lovely to live a Life in Sketch...

Have a beautiful weekend! XOXO


  1. Jeanne,
    What a delight and thrill to see how your "life in sketch" continues to keep your love for all things French alive! I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to see your sketches that you share and your photos of all the things you love.
    Many artists will share their hearts and creative souls on the River Arts studio tour and I could see you joining me one year as my guest to show how one's artful heart can inspire, create and design an artful life which has been my mission from the start.
    Love to you and all your artful endeavors.

  2. Self-expression dearest artist, is a life-saver, isn't it?

    GORGEOUS! Anita

  3. How lucky you are, Jeanne, to have your absolutely beautiful sketches as memories of your travels!! I really enjoyed Patricia's post on you at "Life in Sketch"...I love you both!!! Cheers to a wonderful weekend!! xoxo

  4. For me it's PHOTOGRAPHS............always snapping and then I MUST DISPLAY THEM!

  5. Found you through my dear friend PVE... lovely sketches, beautiful art. I can see how Patricia has nailed it when she wrote 'pursuing one's dreams certainly takes action to make it happen'. I can only agree.
    I love your fabulous drawings, watercolours and illustrations.

  6. I so wish I could paint. Your sketch book of your first trip to France is lovely and I've so enjoyed your daily sketches this year.

  7. Jeanne, All of you artful ladies are making me feel inspired to sketch and get my watercolors out again. This winter I completed and oil painting for a friends family room; however my watercolor boxes are sitting literally a couple of inches from my knees under my desk!! You are a dream indeed my friend!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Brad Oliphant

  8. I so love the daily gift of seeing your and Patricia's GORGEOUS works, it just makes me day and love seeing what you come up with! It is a special gift, Jeanne and I am just so happy you are both sharing it so generously with all of us! Enjoy your weekend sweet friend:)

  9. Jeanne, my dream would be to paint my memories the way you do. You are an inspiration with a talent that touches every readers heart. You are so gifted and a gift to all of us. Thank you.

  10. What a fabulous gift you have, Jeannne, to be able to paint your memories. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. I loved Anita's comment and will just continually say Bravo to all that you do and how you keep moving forward with hard work and dedication to make your dreams into is very inspiring to all of us, I think!
    Bon Weekend,

  12. That is just wonderful, Jeanne! You know I adore you both and am so happy that the two of you have connected as artists and friends. I can't wait to read the piece on Tina's blog, which I can't believe I didn't know about.

    I love that you found your sketch/paint books from that first trip to Paris. I think having a visual cue is essential in bringing back memories. I don't (but should) keep a daily journal...I jot things down here and there, but I've always felt that my blog will be a wonderful capsule for me down the round but something I hope to share with my grandchildren, so that they will know me during this time of my life.

    Hope your weekend has been sunny and relaxing. I just got my houseguests off to the airport and am trying to was so much fun, but I've let everything slide the past few days. Just trying to LIVE and enjoy.

    Chat soon!
    xoxo Elizabeth



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