Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An Invitation to Consider Life's Luxuries

LUXURY. Once you get beyond basic needs it's a bit of a magic trick isn't it? What are the luxuries in our lives? So much depends on perception. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous handbag or the aspirational luxe of a Couture gown. But at some point in life we might notice that a ruffled bunch of peonies is as beautiful - or more so - than that gown on the runway.

And if we are luckier still, we understand that luxury has to do more with how we spend our time than owning something that seems timeless.

For me, life's greatest luxury is to paint my own path. To find the beauty in the everyday moments and to capture them with my own point of view. To delight someone by painting a picture that captures their own definition of the finest things in life.

To be able to do what one loves. What could be more luxurious? 

What is your life's luxury? I'd love to know... XO

Happy second Tuesday of April, everyone! Today's post is another installment of our monthly BY INVITATION ONLY blog party. Please check out what the rest of our community as to say on the topic of Life's Luxuries...You'll find them all at Splenderosa.


  1. Hi Jeanne as always swooning over your beautiful work....and could not agree more, while there are so many beautiful tangible luxuries, we all love and enjoy, the ultimate is freedom, time to pursue what we love and of course having friends and family to enjoy it with. But of course I sure do love my pretty clothes, flowers and all the fun "fluff" that comes along with being a girl!

  2. Lovely, perfect, pink and fabulous are you making my day, Jeanne! Smiles all the way for me today because of this gorgeous presentation.Happy Tuesday! Anita

  3. Keep up that figurative work its marvelous!!

  4. Your work is so fabulous. I cannot imagine having that talent. I love seeing your photos while traveling and then your beautiful interpretation in watercolor. So beautiful. Btw I do own some of your pieces. Love them

  5. I recognize those CHAIRS!!!!!
    How lucky for you you get to do what YOU ADORE!IT truly is a LUXURY...........
    I sip here sipping a CUPPA and the CAT..... MISTER THEODORE sits totally content on my lap.Another LUXURY in Life!

  6. Dear Jeanne, yes, time, and good health to pursue our passions. Those simple pleasure that mean so much, yes a bunch of fresh flowers, a scented bubble bathe, a bright lipstick. Friends, real Friends there for us during all of the ups and downs of life,

    The Arts by Karena

  7. Hi Jeanne, YES .. luxuries don't always need to be expensive items. A bunch of flowers, having family and friends near, doing something we really love to do .. your art:THAT'S what we're talk-in;) about! Enjoy your day!

  8. I'll admit I do love a beautiful handbag, but spending your time as you like is truly life's greatest luxury. And, if you have good health…that is icing on the cake. I adore fresh flowers, music, art, my garden, celebrating life's big and small things….and spending time with people who look at the bright side of life.

    Here's to you painting your own beautiful path….a luxury I'm so happy you have and one you deserve!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. For me anything beautiful whether it's nature, beautiful clothes, a home built from someone's heart or your beautiful paintings. I am amazed how your eye perceives the colors versus why the item is you're painting. What a gift you have. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  10. Jeanne,
    I agree, as I've gotten older luxury is certainly something or somethings that defy a material quality. Still, I do love the luxury of a great handbag, wonderful scented candles and a visit to my favorite chocolatier. :-)
    You have such a gift with words and painting. I hope you'll do a book someday.

  11. I totally agree, Jeanne - nothing more luxurious than time to enjoy those people and things we love…

  12. Luxury...is,
    exquisiteness, found in a few words on a page, or an economy of lines on or a pen or brush on paper or canvas, something crafted by hand.....and then the time for endeavors or the ability to allow one's own self to get lost in something beautiful and share that with another person.....
    and being able to feel that what one does leaves behind something heartfelt.....that is luxury but it is also fraught with pain, persistence and vision.
    Luxury is a challenge or pursuit, but in the end, it's the simplest things, a gentle breeze, a delicious home made confiture or confection that make life sweeter and more meaningful.
    It can also be heartbreaking, breathtaking and joyful. Like the McQueen show. Luxury personified, fragile, raw and emotional.

  13. Your work is exquisite! I follow you on Instagram, and now will on your blog! Rié

  14. I was asking my 15 year old son this morning what his idea of luxury is, and he replied. "Freedom. Freedom to live as one wants without pressure from others" and I think your painting fits into that philosophy nicely, because you have discovered the luxury of being able to do what you love, without pressure. (Of course, being insanely talented as a painter helps with having no pressure from others I imagine!)

  15. Painting your own path, nothing could be more luxurious, Jeannie... :) xv

  16. To do what one loves!

    I have been a decorator for 43 years.....and I haven't worked a day in my life!
    When my husband sold his company and started running mine 26 years ago; I was set free to take on work which I could never have before!

    What a wonderful life experience@ I have lived my passion for 43 years~! And the last 25 with a business person who made it all work!!!

    I worked on
    Charlie Munger's project at Sea Meadow for 20 + years! The dream job of a lifetime!@


  17. Do I sound like a broken record when I swoon over your art and photos?! True luxury is the freedom of choice - being able to do what one loves and live the life of one's dreams. And, of course good health! Hugs to you, sweet Jeanne...enjoy the rest of your week! xoxo

  18. Your illustrations are fabulous! Yes, having the time and ability to do those things that bring us the most joy is the best luxury of all.

  19. Just beautiful!! I adore your paintings and your take on luxury. Yes, to be able to do what you love..is a blessing and a luxury!

  20. Oh dear. I am losing my mind, it's official. Thank goodness I double checked because NO I hadn't left a comment...because I went away to think about what you wrote. It resonated with me more than all of the great posts on this topic. I know what an enormous risk it was for you to leave the security of corporate life to "paint your own path" and how much that it means to me to be able to do so as well...
    Have a wonderful weekend. Sending Gros Bisous...

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