Monday, March 2, 2015

The Lion in Winter

Happy March, everyone! No lions in sight so far here in Seattle, I think they are all congregating in the Northeast. Hope my friends there can soon trade their snow boots in for sandals!

And that the month turns quite lamb-like in no time at all!

Whether it's lions or lambs on your doorstep this morning, here's to a lovely week! Only 18 days until spring - what are you most looking forward to? XO


  1. OH JEANNE! HAHAHHAHA.....well, the lion resides here in Minneapolis because our March is as cold as all of February! The sighs of winds are complaining of yet another cold month, but soon the lamb will appear and give us the warmth we deserve!

    Your art is so lovely. Have a gentle day! Anita

  2. Hello Jeanne, I love your beautiful watercolors. You daffodil and lamb painting reminds me of my giant field of Daffodils that are just now poking their little heads through the grass.

  3. Jeanne,
    We've finally gotten a bit of rain, much needed. The lamb is adorable. Your work is always so lovely.

  4. Jeanne this is so cute! I love the boots! The weather here is unseasonably cold! And getting colder this week!

    Stay warm and be safe

  5. Oh, yay....there's the lamb! And, what a cutie at that! The lion's den is full up here in the Northeast. Nothing but lions! At least there was blue skies today. Makes all the difference for me.

    Here's to a pasture full of lambs!!! Bring on Spring!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. Oh my have made me fall in love with the lion wearing Bean boots!! After five days in California, going back to the snow is NOT thrilling me. I hope you have a fabulous week, Jeanne!! xoxo

  7. Counting down those 18 days. We are supposed to have rain and 65 degrees tomorrow and ice and snow on Thursday…longing for the lamb! Love the watercolors, as always!

  8. Jeanne, March definitely came in like a lion with snow still on the ground!
    I do look forward to the month going out like a lamb!
    The Arts by Karena

  9. we chicago folks are begging the lamb to come. (your puss in boots is a hoot hoot hoot!). aside from risking my life on the roads this morning, i am making the most of this lion by cooking and baking deliciousness. today a super-soup made from two bone broths--one beef, one chicken. tomorrow will be about baking bread and reheating it. take THAT, march blizzard. peace to you.

  10. So charming. :) Yesterday, I was able to eat lunch outside in the sun! And I realized exactly HOW much I had been missing that. It changes everything!



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