Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Signs of Spring

This Oscar de la Renta dress is sure a sign of spring. It makes me think of an April day in the Jardin du Luxembourg with the green chairs basking in the sun next to a border of purple and green, and the citrus trees dozing in planters just wheeled from the l'orangerie...

In Seattle, we've had a strangely spring-like week with magnolias and daffodils in bloom. And I know my friends from Nashville to New England can use as many signs of le printemps as possible.

Here's to spring - no matter how early or late it arrives this year, you know it must be right around the corner! XO


  1. Yesterday, I sat out on our front stoop for fifteen minutes, soaking in the sun. A good sign, yes?
    Thank you for all of this loveliness... :)

  2. You provided the most beautiful images of spring Jeanne! I can't believe how terrific the PNW weather has been lately. My kids have been out hiking in their shorts for gosh sakes. Although its been very cold here I do feel that the gloom of winter is loosing its grasp. There is hope of light and the warmth of the sun! I love Scotland for its long days in the summer. I will truly miss that. Have a lovely Wednesday! x

  3. Ah.....THANK YOU, Jeanne! I need these colors running through my frozen veins! I can't wait to wear one of my spring outfits!

    Gorgeous, as always. Anita

  4. LOVE these beautiful paintings!! So charming, the provence planter makes my heart sing:) Spring cannot come a day too soon! Stay warm....hope you are well.

  5. Your paintings definitely make me dream of spring! It is sunny and clear here in Jackson, MS, today but the temps are still frigid. Thanks for the glimpse of spring!

  6. Jeanne now that is a lovely Garden Party or Easter dress. Lovely!!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. You are a tease, Jeanne! Magnolias and daffodils this time of year? The only blooms we have are faux or the ones we buy at Wholefoods and subject to a long, slow death at home. Your post does brighten our day though and we're staying positive.
    C + C

  8. Jeanne,
    Pretty frock!
    I am loving all the pretty prints and pastels I am seeing for Spring and really excited to welcome le Printemps! Soon, very soon but we do have a blanket of white which I always love, like a blank canvas to me. My tulips indoors are making me smile and a sign of things to come.

  9. Love, love, love!!! I am literally counting the days until Spring...luckily I will be spending much of the remaining winter days in placers warmer than Connecticut! Hugs to you, Jeanne!!

  10. Love that dress it screams Spring!!xo K



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