Monday, February 16, 2015

Have a Lovely Monday, Weather or Not!

Happy Holiday Monday, all. I'm enjoying the long President's Day Weekend, but wanted to pop in with little tulip love - in Seattle, signs of an early spring have arrived, and the bulbs will be blooming any time now. And I know those of you in New York and New England could use all the signs of spring you can get!

Whether the sun is shining or the snow is blowing, here's hoping you have a beautiful week! XO


  1. ooh such colour to brighten a dull London morning!!

  2. Good morning to you, Jeanne! The color here is much needed in this cold, white world of ours (though I do love it)

    Enjoy your day! Anita

  3. Love tulips......and of course you know how I feel about blue and white:) Wishing you a wonderful day, freeeeeezing over here!! I am dreaming of spring today!

  4. I hope YOU have a beautiful week too, sweet Jeanne! Your tulips make me think Spring will be here eventually...although today it feels like winter will never end. At least I have trip so California and Florida both to look forward to in the next month! xoxo

  5. I love tulips they always remind me of Spring and boy do I wish it was spring right now!

  6. We have snow here in Kansas City; however I am painting art for a friend and visiting my friend sites, as you can see.
    Have a great Monday Jeanne!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. Love the vase with just a few buds! Wet and nasty here. Did not get the snow expected, but looks like we might be in for ice instead. UGH!!

  8. Snow outside, again, in DC!!! Thanks for sharing your lovely tulips! These photos are just beautiful, Jeanne. Have a fabulous week - xoxo

  9. it's alaska here, but we're still kickin and stretchin (that's a molly shannon/sally o'malley reference). the tulips are divine, dreamy blogger. peace to you.

  10. This made my morning!!!!! We're having another delayed school opening and I'm off to use our new snowblower, since Grant is on his way to sunny Texas for work. I'm laughing at this point….it's beyond the pale! So, the sight of pink tulips with your blue and white has made my day!!!!

    Hope your week is off to a beautiful start!!!! Thanks for brightening mine!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth



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