Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy February!

And here we are in February! Although Seattle may be starting with a bit of a broken heart, this still has to be one of my favorite months of the year. The days start getting longer, we have Valentine's Day to celebrate, thanks to President's Day, there might be the opportunity to escape for a few days of skiing or sunshine (or at least a bit of a sleep in).  There are snuggley sweaters, sweets and snow drops - the best of winter and the promise of spring.

Hope your February is lovely... what's  your favorite thing about this sweet month? XOXO


  1. This month is usually a bit tough for me but I love watching the light stay a little bit longer each day!
    Have a wonderful week, Jeanne. Bisous...

  2. Good morning sweet Jeanne! Great and bright colors to start off my day at school! Love your work so much! Anita

  3. HOW FUN I was just saying last night at dinner how much I LOVE FEBRUARY!The bulbs are starting to bloom here and you can smell SPRING is on its way........I like the idea of 28 days and the GROUND HOG.Looking for his shadow has ALWAYS fascinated me!Then of course is the 14th.............I adore slipping cards into lunch pails and thinking about my menu!Speaking of menu's.......did you see MY NEW POST!XX

  4. Love it! That would make the sweetest Valentines Day card. I can imagine that Seattle must be mourning over last nights loss...that was an insane ending, and one that had us all on the edge of our seats in anticipation....oh well,such is life. Hope you have a wonderful day......

  5. Every illustration of yours is my favorite…until I see the newest. LOVE this one!!! My heart was breaking for you and all the Seahawks fans last night. My 10 year old was going crazy at the end of the game!!! My jaw was on the ground. Feeling really sorry for Pete Carroll. Poor guy. Thank goodness, this month is full of loverly things. Would you believe that my husband, oldest son, mother, father and brother all celebrate birthdays in Feb?!!! It's one long party for the shortest month!

    Hope that Veuve helped last night!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. I like your attitude this morning Jeanne:):) Today will be difficult for many, but we will recover and time will allow this bad dream to fade away. I don't think our loss would have been so painful had we not been so close. Why Pete Carroll decided to throw the ball rather than giving it to ML will forever be a mystery and he will have a lot of difficult interviews ahead :(

    Enjoy your day and stay dry..

  7. Today is definitely hurting. The bashing of the Seahawks has been in full force, but thank goodness, not by our Seattleites. I love February too and your lovely illustration makes it all the sweeter. My eldest son turns 31 only to remind me the years are flying by faster than I can count. It is almost 5pm here and its still light (although barely) so there IS hope! There is promise indeed! Happy February to you Jeanne xx

  8. Jeanne,
    Your painting would be a wonderful Valentine Card!!
    Snow is on the ground however the sun is shining so that makes for a bright and chherful day!

    The Arts by Karena

  9. i was cheering on your hawks--what a game they gave us! those hearts are so nostalgic and a reminder of how special valentine's day was when we were kids. i would get home from school and just devour those little cards and the sentiments. happy february, friend. peace.

  10. Jeanne,
    So sweet are your Valentine hearts! My favorite thing this month is that my twins celebrate their birthday!

  11. Love your art. I am visiting by way of Karolyn and her art wall you reproduced was amazing, would have been crazy in love if it were my setting you had chose to recreate. Your works of art are fun and draw you in for a closer look.

    Beautiful days creating ahead of you.

    See you soon


  12. My birthday is in February, so I especially love this month :) Plus, March follows and soon all the crocuses and snowdrops will start popping up. Have a great one, Jeanne! xoxo

  13. Happy February, Jeanne! The best thing about February is that it is SO short - and then March and Spring are here! I love this illustration - perfect for Valentine's Day. So sorry about the Seahawks - what a tough loss, after a great game. Have a great week! xoxo



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