Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An Invitation: To Live With What You Love

When decorating your home, do you follow trends? Or do you avoid them and favor classic styles? Do you tend to repeat a certain look or style element over and over? These are the questions posed by this month's BY INVITATION ONLY topic.

My answer: Yes! To all of the above. Classic - great. Trends - sure. As long they are in keeping with my favorite design philosophy: Live With What You Love. I'm definitely not an interior designer. But I have "design DNA" that I think came from both my grandmothers. And I'm extraordinarily lucky to have my girlfriend Dana who is a talented designer and helps me sort through all the clutter and zero in on what makes sense for my life and my home. That's her pretty blue and white bowl full of shells above...

Over the past few weeks of painting spaces and vignettes from some of my favorite design gurus as part of my Painting a Day project, I've noticed a few things.

They aren't afraid to be bold and use color...

They treasure things that have a story or patina...

The create beauty while creating order through muted tones and repetition... 

They can combine patterns in a way that makes perfect sense - for instance, a mix that is held together by a common color scheme (like my favorite blue and white)...

They never underestimate the power of the tiniest details - or of a well-placed vase of flowers.

But mostly, you can tell they love their homes and the spaces they create. They live beautifully and want to share the things they are crazy about, both with guests and with clients. 

They Live With What They Love.

What about you? What's your design philosophy? Yes to trends? Yes to the classics? Things you repeat over and over?  

I'd love to know! 

And please pop over to see what the rest of the By Invitation Only crew has to say on the topic. You'll find them all at Splenderosa...


  1. I love decoratating....love these pictures too.....I'd rather paint than clean so often paint over the cobwebs trying to recreate something I've seen in Morocco or southern France or the Balearics in my tiny London flat!!

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  3. So pretty! I love all your ideas and could not agree more, it really is all about living with what you love. Your paintings are all so beautiful....I could see an entire gallery wall filled with them.
    I enjoy seeing the trends but admittedly am not a trend follower, a little more with fashion than my home but to a point:) No camo or cropped tops for me lol.
    Fun post....enjoy your day!

  4. Jeanne, you are so prolific! It would take me a week to do just one of these, and it seems you are just popping these lovelies out in one day? And you captured Tina's beautiful mantel to the "T"! Yes, I am living with what I love, and it is such a gratifying state of being. ENJOY! Anita

  5. Jeanne,
    Love for me is certainly the driving force behind so much. I really have to love or fall in love with something and that includes my art so often I can beat myself up or tear things up to get it right.

    I think love evolves and homes should too but I love clean, pure style and get a little crazy in overly cluttered spaces. My favorite local shoppe keeper Maria at Maisonette shoppe has a motto to surround yourself with love. I also love Pencil Paper design, they have such a modern approach and keep things fresh. I think seeing the before and the after's can make me fall in love.

    I am so impressed by your "love" and dedication to your sketch a day. Bravo!

    Speaking of DNA, our dog had a DNA test and we are waiting for the results. I think if I had mine done, there would certainly be one part design love.

  6. LIVE WITH WHAT YOU LOVE.........thats a PERFECT MOTTO for ME!MY problem if its a problem.......is I love TOO MUCH!

  7. "Live with what you love."
    Excellent philosophy.

  8. Yes to classic, comfort, chic!! Adore art, blue and white, also books, warm colors for contrast with neutrals!
    Love these works of art Jeanne all of them!! Cannot wait to frame and hang your Valentine Piece!!

    Featuring The HighBoy

  9. Live with what you love is my mantra!! That explains why my house is so eclectic.
    I adore your paintings. They are just delightful!

  10. Living with what we love - yes! That's sooooo important. It gets very interesting when we find ourselves in a second chapter (or third), combining tastes with someone with whom we don't have a long history - especially if he or she has a very particular style!

    I haven't quite solved that one yet, but as in any good pairing, it will take a set of "we" decisions over "me" decisions, and no doubt, some design compromising.


  11. What a pretty post, Jeanne, filled with inspiration. Live what you love sounds perfect to us!
    C + C

  12. We must live with what we love... always, Jeanne... Perfect... :) xv

  13. beautiful renderings, jeanne! my philosophy is surround yourself with what comforts you and brings peace...unless you're the chaos type or want high energy...for me that means tumbledown lovely and neutrals and serene subtle sophistication. i notice the trends but am not one to invest much into them (because of another one of my sensibilities: frugal!). peace to you, lovely painter with water, right where you are.

  14. I just love everything about this post! It was artistic and informative. Thanks so much for including my little vignette that you painted so beautifully! Its so true you must surround yourself with what makes you smile each time you look at it or enter a room. It must reflect a bit of ones personality and what makes them comfortable. Love it!

  15. It's so nice to read your philosophy and realize that that is exactly what I lean towards...I love what I love and try to avoid trends, unless I love them too! Wonderful post and your painting is amazing.

  16. First off, I hope you're feeling better! :)

    I love this question. I used to be much more traditional…I think it was my upbringing and what my mother liked. But, as we moved around the country, lived in different homes and got to try out different things, I have settled on a traditional with a hint of trend style. And, I most definitely agree with your Live With What You Love philosophy. I'd rather have quality or quantity and am constantly culling through things. If it doesn't resonate with me, I'd rather not see it!

    As always, love your growing portfolio. I want to see the originals!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  17. Hello! I am late to the party as I was having internet problems last night and yes, your post is so perfect in every which way...not to mention we both arrived at the same conclusion albeit through very different conduits! Ha! No wonder you want to chat about it in the courtyard over some rosé...when you want, my dear, when you want...
    I love these watercolors J!

  18. Wow...you nailed this! I love your conclusions - all of which are spot on. And, any time I can drool over your beautiful watercolors makes my day. Thanks, Jeanne...I needed this little bright spot this morning. xoxo

  19. Your paintings are so beautiful …. I love the ethereal, delicate style.
    I have so enjoyed our BIO subject this month …. it's great to read everyone's take on it. XXXX

  20. My only regret is that when I posted on my "subject" i did not add.....live only with things you love"! It is an integral part of my design philosophy.....You said it beautifully! I agree a hundred percent!

    Penelope Bianchi



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