Friday, January 23, 2015

Seeing Rouge

Ever since I spotted these brilliant Red Dior Shoes on The Cut, they've been dancing in my head. I'm a little obsessed. Perfect for pairing with a little black dress - or a favorite pair of jeans and a white T-shirt.

Wearing them might feel like zipping around Paris on a bright Red Vespa... 

Of course a new Red Lipstick may give you all the zoom you need - and would be a bit more practical than a pair of red suede heels... or a Parisian Vespa ride.

Which is your more your speed?

Happy Weekend, everyone. Whether you're putting on your dancing shoes or cozy-ing up in your favorite slippers, hope it's a lovely one! XO


  1. Funny how a little red can put a smile in my heart! Happy and Fun Friday to you!

  2. I have been tempted for a while to buy red shoes. I don't have any red in my wardrobe and yet I always admire it on others. I thought I might start with shoes and then who knows! Lovely illustrations as usual!

  3. Oh dearest Jeanne, you are hooked and are making ME HOOKED! I like your idea of a pair of red heels with jeans and a simple T shirt. As soon as our weather gets warm, that's what I wearing! Your art is gorgeous my friend. I LOVE THE DRESS to my right here, with the red neck line and floral print! You are on your way to being another Kate Spade!!!!!

  4. I will take the shoes thank you:) They are very pretty and just the pop of color any outfit could benefit from.
    And if you need an excuse to indulge or another good reason......Valentines Day is coming up and these would mighty perfect! Enjoy your day and weekend.

  5. Jeanne I have definitely been wearing red lipstick this winter, it feels sooo good!
    A pair of kitten heels in red sounds appealing as well!
    Have an amazing weekend!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. You're on a roll Jeanne! Gorgeous illustrations. Pink and ROUGE .. romantic, pretty, and perfect for Valentine's Day which is just around the corner:) Happy Friday (gray as it is.............)


  7. We're always tempted by red lips though we'd never dare to try them... But perhaps we should! Then we'd hop on a Vespa in our Dior shoes. What an image! Have a wonderful weekend, Jeanne!
    C + C

  8. Red shoes and red lips! Pure joy!
    You newest visitor!

  9. Who doesn't like a little rouge, Jeanne ;) I love the shoes...I have a photo on my desk of my gorgeous daughter and a red vespa in Rome...oh, she so wanted it! Have a lovely weekend.

  10. It is freezing here so I am swathed in several sweaters yoga pants and shearling slippers - not exactly as glamorous as this gorgeous post! times my closet there is a pair of shoes that has been granted "never to be given away" status...they are a pair of oxblood red Gucci slingbacks (actually cut very similarly to your Diors) from the Tom Ford days...they have a rhinestone G in the heel! ;) You would like them...

  11. I love the pop of red!! And, I am SO excited to hear about your upcoming trip...can't wait to hear more!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Jeanne, dear! xoxo

  12. Hi Jeanne! Long time, no talk. I thought I'd stop by and say hello. LOVE the lipstick artwork...glad to see you are continuing to create beautiful work! Hope you are well...:)

  13. Had me at Red Dior and then the red vespa...great post friend:)

  14. I love this post Jeanne. You wear red shoes with great style!

  15. You'll have to forgive me for being a little slow at times.. I have known about you for a while, but have come to appreciate your talents in recent months thanks to instagram.. especially after your latest sketch of the day! I have now added you to my blogroll in my sidebar and I'm sorry it has taken me this long to do so! Silly me.. at least I'm caught up now :)



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