Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dreaming Of... A Paris Project

This time last year, I was on a flight to Paris... have to say there is some regret that a repeat of that adventure is not on deck this week. Alone in the city, I got hooked on Instagram... started playing with a new fancy camera. Inspiration was everywhere.

Looking through the photos, I'm thinking of a starting a Paris series... I'd love to spend a few days... a week... a month... sketching there en plein air, but the next best thing would some time in the studio painting from the photos. There are a few ideas budding, let's see how they bloom!

Where in the world are you most inspired? XO


  1. I was supposed to go to Paris in May with some students, but the trip got cancelled; now with the trouble that brewed there just recently, I think I will be dreaming about Paris for a while before I go back. But dreams are wonderful because we can move about anywhere we want in them, and create art as you do. Have a wonderful day dearest Jeanne! Anita

  2. Oh yes do it! Paris is beyond inspiring in so many ways, truly it is a city that gets every one of my creative senses in overdrive! Love your pictures...a good friend left for Paris last night for 2 whole weeks I am so jealous, wish I could have snuck into her suitcase. I think your paintbrush and talent plus Paris will equal perfection!

  3. Inspiration is indeed all around me and I agree that Paris is a great place to fuel the creative juices. My favorite spot for inspiration lately seems to be by a warm fire!
    I also feel so inspired when I see a newborn baby and think of the life ahead.

  4. Inspiration came come from any turning of a corner but if that corner is in Paris, magnifique!

  5. BOOKS!I get A LOT Of INSPIRATION from BOOKS...................
    EUROPE, too but I doNOT get there enough!
    PHOTOS TOO..........LUCKY YOU a NEW CAMERA........easy to OPERATE???!!!

  6. Ooh, what is your camera? The shot of the rose is fabulous.
    I think I get inspiration everywhere, Jeanne...I'm a London Girl!

  7. I was there last Spring. Please, please, please do the "Paris" project. I can't wait!

  8. I know that you have more material to inspire you than you know what to do with so go ahead and don't let go...! I highly doubt that any of us would tire of what you have to offer on the City of Light. These photos alone are amazing.

    And to answer your question? In Bali. :)

  9. What could be better than being there? I know I will love your Paris paintings Jeanne!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. Paris would top our list, as well as Tuscany! Something about the warm, creative nature of the French and Italians gets our creative juices flowing... They do everything so stylishly! Wish we were on our way to Paris, too, Jeanne.
    C + C

  11. Your photos are gorgeous
    and as an artist, I can imagine
    how they stir up your creativity!
    Have fun!

    xo Suzanne



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