Friday, January 30, 2015

Bubbles, Buzz and Blooms

Happy Friday, all. Any plans to watch the big game this weekend? Not sure who will deserve it and who will need it, but you can bet there will be champagne at our house on Superbowl Sunday in hopes that it will keep things sparkly and bubbly no matter who wins. (Mr. H and I are on opposite sides of the couch on this one - he's from Boston, I'm a Seattle girl - so this could get interesting.)

If you're more Legion of Bloom than Legion of Boom, something else to watch for this weekend is a giveaway over on The Buzz Blog. Earlier this month a gorgeous bouquet from the Diane James Home Spring/Summer 2015 collection popped up on my Instgram and inspired a sketch for day five of my Sketch-a-Day project (more about that here). The Buzz girls, Cynthia and Carolyn, requested a painting... 

I painted them a second sketch, which they plan to give away to their one of their readers.

So please pop over to The Buzz and say hi to Carolyn and Cynthia.

Here's hoping that you win the painting... and that the Seahawks win the Superbowl!

Cheers! XOXO


  1. Good morning Jeanne! Well, the game is going to get very interesting indeed at your house! I am a Boston fan (luckily my husband is for neither team!) and I'm for Boston any day.

    Your colorful paintings are always a joy to catch in the morning as I visit my favorite blogs. Wishing you a FUN weekend, and CHEERS - no matter in victory or in defeat! Anita

  2. Oh my...I will have to head over to enter as I am one of your biggest fans!! I know you and Mr H will manage to work something out during the big game - with champagne involved, how could you NOT? Look at it this way - at least one of you will be happy when it is over. Have a wonderful weekend, Jeanne!! xoxo

  3. Wow these are SO gorgeous Jeanne, I am so enjoying this daily exhibits of tour immense talent!

    Enjoy the game, I am hosting a small gathering......for me its about the food, company then the game:) Although even I, not being much of a football fan gets into the excitement of the "big game". May the best team win!

    Enjoy your bubbly and have a wonderful weekend....

  4. I like that Champagne and flowers are the winning or losing prize! Enjoy the weekend and I admire your motivation and determination!

  5. You know I'm in your corner this Sunday!!! Champagne does seem to work in victory or defeat. :)

    What a gorgeous painting you did the ladies of The Buzz. And, even better they are giving one away!!!
    Go Seahawks!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. Love this and whom better to have this giveaway then the gals at Diane James Home! Have a fun weekend!! xo K

  7. Jeanne Superbowl Sunday should be very interesting at your home Sunday!! On my way to The Buzz gals!

    French Artist Frederique Chemin

  8. Jeanne - we're so honored you chose one of our bouquets to paint and you know we're huge fans of your work! We wish we could be on the same page regarding the Super Bowl and hope you don't hold it against us... We can't let something silly like football come between us, right?! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again for allowing us to giveaway a beautiful watercolor.
    C + C

  9. What a great giveaway. Your work is remarkable and it would be a treat for any lucky winner to have one of your paintings.
    We're rooting for the Hawks!

  10. thank you so much for always uplifting me with your kind comments and reflections on my blog. no plans involving football for this mama. i much prefer looking at pretty pictures and watercolored bouquets. you're taste is just the best! peace to you right where you are.

  11. Yes......!! We will be watching with friends and it's likely to get a little crazy;) and your illustration is so fun Jeanne!! I hope you get that on instagram and hashtag Seahawks. When we moved to Seattle nearly 18 years ago I remember somebody mentioning Seahawks and I wasn't sure who/what that was. You learn quickly that EVERYONE supports the team ~ 12th Man. Have fun this weekend! xxL



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