Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Monday And A Little Blue And White

Okay, how is it the end of June already? This month - and the weekend, too - sped by so quickly! Things have been a bit busy, but I thought you might like to end June with a little blue and white. No one does this color combo better than my dear friend Dana, who also has a birthday this week. So here's to her. Here's to blue and white. And here's to summer. Because it goes too fast!

Happy Monday, everyone! Here's to savoring every single day. XOXO

Friday, June 27, 2014

Rosé To The Rescue

Happy Friday, all! How was your week? Hope it was good, although I know that even on the sunniest of summer days, the seemingly endless to-do lists, the stress, the unexpected curve balls can fog up our rose colored glasses a bit.

A friend of mine was feeling a little worn out this week, and I wanted to send her into the weekend with a little something that would put the pink back in her cheeks.

Splashing a few hand painted roses across a simple white paper gift bag proved the perfect place to start. Add a gift tag and some pink ribbon...

And here's the crucial step: Grab a bottle of rosé...

Perhaps a few of her favorite rosy things...

Put them all together, and voilà, it's a Rosé Rescue Kit, guaranteed bring a little la vie en rose to the most hectic of days.

I had a fantastic time painting the blooms on the bag, but all kinds of containers would do the trick - one of these adorable Yes Way Rosé totes would be just perfect, in fact that you might decide you need your own Rosé Rescue Kit.

Happy weekend, all! Hope it's rosy - rosé or no rosé! XOXO

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Inspired By: The Paris Puces

Hi all. How's the week unfolding so far? Admittedly, a summer cold can be a real inspiration zapper. So rather than wallow in a pile of used tissues and romance novels, it seems a good idea to ponder the question, "What inspires you?"

One place that never fails to recharge my creativity is Les Puces de Saint-Ouen Market in Paris.

Some say the market is too big, too far out of town and too expensive, but for me, going to les puces isn't so much about what I'm going to buy. Instead, the pleasure of getting lost in the world's largest flea market lies in what I see as I wander the some 3,000 stalls - or in what I sense and feel.

Things that may only register slightly (or not at all) in the moment, but months later inspire something totally unexpected.

Inspiration for how to style the top of a newly purchased piece of furniture.... 

A new color scheme to freshen things up a bit...

 To see everyday objects in a brand new light....

Or just an idea or two for how to set the table tonight...

All those objects crammed together. Each one has a story. And in their very multitude, some of them can't help but speak to you a little louder than the rest. You may not realize what they are telling you until you are well down the road. But the inspiration almost always follows, whether you bring the treasures home or not.

So tell me, what inspires you? I'd love to hear...

Happy Wednesday. XO

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Weekends: A Bike Ride To Sconset

Happy Monday! Did you enjoy the first days of summer? Sadly, the Solstice brought a bug my way, sidelining me on what was a tortuously gorgeous weekend (nothing makes me grumpier than missing sunny weather). Luckily, we'd already snuck in a few perfect summer days before the season's official start, so why don't we kick off the week with a bike ride to Sconset?

There are crushed clam shell alleys to explore and gray shingled cottages to admire. They absolutely ooze charm and sweet details - clever names, window boxes filled with flowers, garden gates, and picket fences.

 Choose the porch you'd most like to relax on or the garden you wish was yours to tend...

There's still time for a picnic on the beach... with all that peddling we've earned the lobster rolls...

Before heading home it's one more glance out to the sea and the promise to return soon... maybe to stay a bit longer next time. 

Where does your favorite bike path lead? 

Here's to a long and beautiful summer! XO 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Strawberries and Happy Summer

Are you ready to sink your teeth into summer? With the solstice just hours away, it's time to think about all that's sweet about the season. And apparently strawberries are the happiest fruit - in a survey from London University, 86% of people said that just thinking about a strawberry relaxes them. Sounds about right as just a bite seems to hold all that is lovely about summer - picnics and parties and leisurely lunches on the lawn...

At our house they are served up with just a few drops of Sirop Rose and some spicy rose sugar (late of the Rose Martinis)....

But summer days are long, and I'm sure that there will be many reasons to dress up these happy berries in a bit more fancy finery. Here are six yummy ideas for how to make the most of your berry harvest:

Happy weekend, everyone! An here's to the happiest summer! XOXO

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Perfect 10: White Dresses

With the Summer Solstice just days away, thoughts are turning to what to wear on the those warm summer nights (even though it's cool and drizzly here in Seattle this week, we're keeping a sunny state of mind). Could anything be more perfect than light, white dresses that float and flirt and are so fun to wear? 

Tailored or flowing, lace or linen, there are so many lovelies to choose from! Here are 10 favorites for garden lunches, croquet parties, terrace dining or wherever the summer days take you...

Happy Wednesday, everyone! What will you be dressing up for this summer? XOXO

First Photo: The Northern Light; Grid Photos: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Bouquet Of Peonies

Monday, Monday. Are you ready for another week? It seems a good idea to start it off with something pretty, so here are a few photos from last week's peony class at The London Plane.

The well-lit space was filled near to bursting with the loveliest blooms...

Katherine and Brita from The London Plane had so many tips and tricks to share about floral arranging, while Geraldine from Northfield Farm -- where the peonies were sourced from -- supplied seemingly endless information about the beautiful flowers.


With peonies aplenty, and masses of complementary blossoms and greens to pair with them, off to work we went... fortified with a bit of wine and some new floral shears that were ours to keep.

At the end of the evening, a stunning array of bouquets surrounded us, each one as unique as the person who styled it.

Here's mine, happy at home with a pair of marble Foo Dogs..

Did you know that peonies originated in the far East? The Chinese introduced them to Japan and the Chinese word for peony translates to "beautiful."

If you live in the Seattle area - or are planning a visit - I can't recommend a class at The London Plane enough. Such a beautiful way to spend an evening.

And here's to a new week! Hope yours is full of exquisitely lovely things! XO

Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekend Wishes

Happy Friday! Didn't this week fly by? It's been a bit busy around here, so I just wanted to pop in with some heartfelt wishes for a lovely weekend and a Happy Father's Day. How are you celebrating? We're taking my Dad out to lunch at one of his favorite spots and I'll be baking him something sweet. 

Whatever you have planned, hope you have a wonderful time! XOXO

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Peony Class At The London Plane

Here we are smack in the middle of peony season, and lucky me, I got to attend a peony arranging class last night at The London Plane. Lead by Katherine Anderson and Brita Fisher from Marigold and Mint and The London Plane, the class focused on what to pair with these lovely blooms and how to create arrangements with texture and depth that make the most of the fantastic flowers.

The London Plane is a Seattle gem, located in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood and the brainchild of the brilliant team behind Sitka & Spruce, The Corson Building, bar Sajor, and Marigold & Mint. A lovely spot to pop in for a coffee and croissant, a bit of lunch, or to pick up fresh baked bread or a few things for your pantry.

You can even take home fresh flowers and whimsical and romantic floral arrangements, or order online for delivery in the Seattle area.

Classes range from what to do with a whole salmon, to wine and food parings, and, of course, floral arrangements.

In July, a blossoms and berries class is on offer, which sounds like a lovely reason to visit Seattle, no?

My camera battery conked out before I could take one shot, but hopefully the iPhone photos will be good enough to share if you'd like to see more - it really was peony paradise!

Have you ever taken a flower arranging class before? Any tips you learned that you would share?


Photos from The London Plane and 


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