Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Goodbye, April

Can you believe we've reached the end of April already? One of the loveliest months of the year, when the world wakes up to spring's magic and wonder. And while the lilacs, roses and peonies that follow are just as beautiful, it's bittersweet to see the tulips, magnolias and cherry blossoms fade. (Those of you in cooler parts, how lovely that you are still enjoying these beautiful blooms!) So let's take one last walk through April...

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope you get to take a moment today to sit back and just enjoy the beautiful world around you.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Simple Stress Relief: On Scent and Memory

Happy Monday! Are you ready for a new week? A fresh start sounds good to me as, admittedly,  the last one was jammed with too many commitments and not enough hours or minutes. Add a few minor mishaps, and grumpiness ensued. How lovely then to find a giant bucket of lilacs waiting on the doorstep, left by our landscaper. It wasn't just the unexpected kindness that lifted spirits...

...but the luscious purple scent that filled the house. Suddenly it was a sunny spring twilight at my grandmother's and we were playing among the hedgerows of lilacs while the grownups talked and sipped cocktails...

The next day while running errands at the mall, impatience came on strong. Until someone walked by leaving a trail of Coco Mademoiselle, a scent worn by a friend on a girls' trip to Paris.

Suddenly it was long lunches and laughter and sharing secrets over too many glasses of wine and treats from Ladurée.

We've all experienced that sudden rush of memory that comes along with a heady scent. It's such a lovely sensation to out of the blue fall into the happy past at the unexpected hint of a favorite smell. (Here's an interesting article about the science of it all.) And so for the rest of the week, when feeling overwhelmed or anxious or just cranky, I played at recalling some of those scents that bring on a kind of time travel....

The salty, kelpyness of Puget Sound brings to mind ferry rides to a summer cabin and long days of sunshine and childhood bliss.

And certain sunblocks immediately provide transport to faraway places and vacation adventures.

It's such an easy game to play and a basically free source of stress relief!

So tell me, what scents conjure up some of your favorite memories?

Have a wonderful week, everyone! XOXO

Friday, April 25, 2014

Have A Chairy Happy Weekend!

Don't you just love birthdays? My friend Jill celebrated one this week, and I'm hoping she got to kick back and indulge in something sweet. Jill is absolutely lovely and has exquisite taste. I think all of you blue and white lovers out there will covet her gorgeous Louis chairs as much as I do....

So here's wishing Miss Jill a chairy happy birthday, and to all of you, happy weekend!

What will you be celebrating? XOXO

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Time For Tulips

Hi all, hope you had a joyful Easter and that your week is off to a wonderful start. After way too much fun and sugar, I decided to make a long weekend of it and step away to take a breath or two, which is a lovely thing to do this time of year when everything is in bloom. We've been meaning to drive up north to see the tulip fields all month - such a spectacular sight - but so far schedules and weather have nixed any plans...

But, taking the time to slow down a bit revealed that there's no need to go far for a tulip festival. There's one happening right here in our neighborhood. A walk down the block serves up so many happy bright colors and pretty heads bobbing in the sun.

Something as utilitarian as a traffic circle suddenly burst in to a riot of color - a big thanks to whoever planted those bulbs where usually only the most mundane of shrubs hang out.

And just a few blocks away at the corner grocery...

A seemingly endless parade of spring's finery, ready to take home.

How wonderful to find so much beauty and magic in one's everyday world, which is one of the most wonderful things about spring don't you think?

What beauty are you seeing right in your own neighborhood these days?

Happy Wednesday! XOXO

PS: Dear email subscribers, so sorry for the technical issues of late. I know that some of you aren't receiving emails, while others had two land in your inbox last Friday. Hopefully a switch in feed services combined with and a new email address will resolve things once and for all. The I Dream Of IT Department (AKA Mr. H.) is hard at work troubleshooting, so we'll keep tinkering until things are back to normal. Thanks for your patience! XO

Friday, April 18, 2014

Have An Egg-celent Weekend!

Happy Friday, all, and happy Easter weekend! Anything special planned? We are going out with my parents on Sunday, but having friends over for dinner tonight, so I thought I'd bring a little Easter Bunny style to our table.

A little something sweet, gift tag place cards made from a Blue Willow egg illustration from a few years back, some Easter (wheat) grass meets Herend for the the centerpiece, plus bright yellow daffodils and a few other touches here and there... it all makes me hippity-hoppity happy.

Hope your weekend is egg-ceptional! (Don't eat too much candy!) XOXO

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

Catching A Show: Magnolia Matinée

The most-watched show around here this spring hasn't been Scandal, House of Cards, The Good Wife or the return of The Mindy Project. Seeing the magnolias unfold out the breakfast nook window has been a favorite form of entertainment as spring wakes up and winter sulks away.  

From bare branches and tightly closed buds...

To a hint of pink against gray and blue skies...


Suddenly a troop of Degas ballerinas are dancing in my backyard.

Even now as green takes center stage and the remaining blooms have an air about them of drunken guests who have stayed too long at the ball, the tree still holds my attention - a dropping petal catches my eye, like a young starlet carelessly tossing a couture gown onto the floor after a circuit of Oscar parties.

What are you watching this spring?

Happy Monday! XO


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