Friday, February 28, 2014

Fashion Inspiration: Street Style Favorites From The Fall 14 Shows

This painting from the Musée Carnavalet makes me think of the street style parade that's now a second runway during the Fashion Week shows. The Fall 2014 collections and their street counterparts wrap up in Paris today, but there's still plenty of style inspiration to be found. A few things I noted: 

A bit of leopard always looks chic.

Basic black or blue does not mean boring.

A pop of color warms things up.

But as winter winds down, what I really want to wear now are soft whites and pretty pastels.

As we get closer to spring, what's inspiring your style? 

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you have a very chic weekend! XOXO

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Cure For The Common Winter

Well, here's some good news - spring is less than a month away! Time moves so fast that I would hate to wish away any season, but lately it seems that the best part of winter is anticipating the sunny months ahead.

Since January, the little corner grocer down the street has kept prettiest little daffodil starts in stock. Keeping a steady parade of them in the house makes gray, rainy days so much brighter. A few blue and white containers, a little green moss, and it's instant sunshine!

How do you keep you days sunny this time of year?

Monday, February 24, 2014

In Paris: The Art Of The Flower

To observe with an artist's eye was my one assignment while wandering the streets in Paris. The first thing that struck me? The flowers alone are worth the the trip.

From the artisan fleuristes to the the humblest flower stand, the blooms are displayed with a flourish and savior faire you just don't see anywhere else in the world.

Tulips, roses, hydrangeas, hyacinths dressed simply chic or in all their finery.

I think in my next life I'd like to come back as a flower girl in Paris. A contemporary sort of Eliza Doolittle. To spend each day among all this beauty? How lovely.

Happy Monday, all! Hope your week blooms beautifully! XOXO

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fall Fashion Week Trends: You Say Tomato

This time of year I start craving juicy, sun-ripened tomatoes - a craving that nothing grown in a hothouse or flown in from Chile can satisfy.

 But what I'm seeing on the Fall Fashion Week runways may just satiate me for awhile...

All fashion photos from Vogue

Yummy, tomato-red shades from Prada to Prabal Gurung. Just pass the basil and olive oil, please.

Have you seen anything on the Fall runways that has you drooling?

Have a delicious weekend! XOXO

1/My Illustration, 2/Prada, 3/Simone Rocha, 4/My Photo, 5-7/Narciso Rodriguez, 8/Tory Burch, 9-10/Helmut Lang, 10-13/Carolina Herrera, 14/My Photo, 15/Prabal Gurung

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In Paris: A Different Kind of Sightseeing

Should we resume our walk in Paris? Such a city for luxury. Hermés. Chanel. Dior. But the rarest extravagance she offers might just be time. A day or week to kill, and no list of sights to see or museums to visit. To just be able to wander and observe. How decadent.  

"What are you going to do in Paris?" was the most frequent question I heard before my trip. I didn't have much of an answer. Because seeing Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower is a wonder, of course. But there is so much to love about Paris that isn't on anyone's bucket list. You don't have to map out all the major monuments to see something splendid.

Walk down a street you never heard of and look up at the right moment, and you may just see another version the Eiffel Tower, or perhaps some metalwork just intricate as the construction of the Iron Lady.

You can get a lesson on how artists play with light and color without lining up for the D'Orsay.

The perfect brushstroke of pink might be over your head, or just around the next corner.

And the Louvre isn't the only place to see masterpieces in sculpture.

A week alone in Paris. The streets were my monuments, my museums. I spent more time on the cobblestones than anywhere else.

What a luxury.

Where in the world would you like to travel to and leave the guidebook behind? Or maybe you apply that same kind of observation to your own hometown.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope you see something beautiful today wherever you walk. XOXO


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