Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Making it Rosy: A Topiary How-To

Happy Wednesday, everyone! As promised, a little "how-to" for making the rose topiaries and a few other Champagne Party details. Actually, they came together fairly easily...

INSPRIATION: The trick was that the party was two days after Thanksgiving, so something Christmasy was in order, but there was no time to get a tree up and decorated. I spotted a photo (here) on Pinterest, that looked festive and not too tough to duplicate...

CONTAINERS AND COLOR: This vintage champagne bucket was added to the collection months ago. They're easy to find - Ted Watson of Watson Kennedy has a fantastic stock of them at his Fine Home store, and occasionally they'll turn up on One Kings Lane. Paired with silver julep cups (found on Amazon) for the smaller topiaries, and containers were checked off the list. Add pink roses and you have the perfect color palette for a champagne party - pink, gold, and silver.

The TOPIARIES were found on One Kings Lane and at Seattle's Ravenna Gardens.

FLOWERS: To make the topiaries bloom, I used mostly spray roses and a few larger ones (all from the grocery store), put them into florist tubes (also on Amazon) and carefully poked them into the ivy. The champagne bucket topiary needed a little moss to fill in, fortunately that also was on hand, thanks to Amazon.

The whole process took not much more than an hour.

LAST MINUTE ADDITIONS: The table and mantle both seemed in need of lower groupings, so the day before the party I wandered into our neighborhood florist and gift store, Martha Harris, and spotted the mercury glass containers and some gorgeous garden roses. Silver candles caught my eye, too.

ICING ON THE CAKE: The metallic print table runner came from One Kings Lane and matched the champagne bucket perfectly. The napkins added just the right finishing touch of cheer (custom ordered from For Your Party).

CHEERS: A few of you asked which bubbly won the night - the most popular bottle was the 2004 Roederer Cristal (which interestingly enough placed last in 2013). Most polarizing? The 2003 Krug, which had as many haters as people who chose it as their best in show.

But when you're drinking champagne are their really any losers?

What would you like to raise a glass to this holiday season? XO


  1. Jeanne,
    I thought I had left a comment. Oh no! here goes again. What a sweet party and how elegant it all looks and effortless at the same time. I know your topiaries will live on long after the roses and the last drop of bubbly.

  2. I am raising a glass to a sense of "home" this holiday season. :) Thank you for the lovely - and pretty easy looking how-to.

  3. You are really stirring my senses here, Jeanne! I just saw some great ideas for trees on one blog, now I'm seeing these....what shall I do!!!!!

    Cheers as you enjoy decorating! (I am so glad I found you this year!) Anita

  4. How fun! I love the topiaries with the ivy in their elegant silver containers, so pretty. And of course a party centered around drinking champagne? I like your friends!! Great theme and beautiful execution with you at the helm:)

  5. Wow, Jeanne...just beautiful!! My dining room is blue so I do a silver holiday theme in there...I now MUST add a topiary in a champagne bucket! How could the Cristal NOT win the night (amazed about last year!)

    Have a beautiful day, my dear!! xoxo

  6. I love it! so chic and sophisticated just like you my dear!

  7. The rosy topiaries are so pretty Jeanne! I need to order some of those floral tubes... thank you for that link;) I went to the holiday event at WK but haven't been to Ravenna Gardens to see their holiday display. I need to do that in my spare time between 2 and 3 a.m. Ha! ;)

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. Truly unique and so gorgeous Jeanne!! Easy decor is on my list and I have almost finished the pretty holiday finishes!
    The Arts by Karena

  9. HEALTH and FAMILY.......that includes 4-legged BEASTIES!!

  10. Oh, yay! These are so gorgeous. I think I might could even make them ;) My three-year-old told me he was getting me champagne for Christmas. Do you think this is a bad sign? Haha! I'd like to raise a glass to good friends who inspire us every day -- even if we've never met in person!

  11. Such a great idea to use the champagne bucket for the centerpiece! Love the *pink* roses for the topiary. Pink, gold and silver is a palette I could get used to!!! Love the attention to detail, including the flowers, the napkins and decor. I guess I hadn't thought about a "loser" when it comes to champagne. I have my favorite but I might need to branch out and try something new! I do try others when I'm out for dinner, as it's only a glass.

    Cheers to fun with friends and the holidays with champagne! I'll drink to that!!!! Clink!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  12. i'd like to raise my glass to artful living. you do it so well, jeanne. it looks great on you! and i hope to do it even better in 2015 by being intentional everyday and by noticing all the ways in which i might see and make the world more beautiful. peace.

  13. SOOOOO pretty!!! Brilliant idea, Jeanne. Think I'll do a few white and green ones for Christmas. I'm hosting my family again. Now I'm off to hunt down champagne pails. Cheers


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