Friday, December 19, 2014

Have a Sweet Weekend!

Happy Friday-before-Christmas! Are you getting all dressed up for some fa la la, or staying in to help the elves get everything wrapped up?

I've been hanging out in the kitchen with a few friends, getting some baking done and packaging up sweet treats to share. There were even a few left over for the tree...

I'm ready to eat up all the festive fun the next few days have in store! How about you?

Hope your weekend is full of just the right amount sugar and spice! XOXO


  1. Good morning Jeanne!!!! Merry and bright is your blog and I am so glad that after months and probably YEARS of seeing your gorgeous smiling profile photo all around Blogland, that I finally came over to discover you. You have been a source of big smiles and bright, happy posts. I love your art work, and I wish you continued success and happiness as you enter into a new year of possibilities. HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Anita

  2. Hi Jeanne, what a darling illustration, so charming!! I love that you had a few for the tree.....looking good.

    We have a our big family party this weekend so thats whats in store over here and going to the city on Sunday then it 's serious crunch time! In the end I know it all gets done, sore feet and all:) Hope you have some holiday fun in store for you this weekend......ho ho ho.

  3. We had popcorn garlands on our tree when I was little! Oh, that made me SO happy to see and remember, especially as yours is even more lovely with your gingerbread men. :) Ah, it is all just perfect, Jeanne. I am still getting better so will have a really low-profile weekend but am sending heaps of Joy to you for yours!

  4. I have been chatting about YOU with HEATHER!Have your ears been burning.........GORGEOUS everything!MERRY tree is up over on my spot........take a peek........I got HONORABLE mention for it over in FRANCE on a blog from PARIS!Now I must JETE into the kitchen and start cooking for the PROGRESSIVE FEAST for tomorrow night!Our house is the last STOP....DESSERTS!XO

  5. these illustrations are the sweetest, jeanne!!!! some wee ones coming over tomorrow so there will be baking, and gumdrop people making, and a lil more decorating. the best thing will be my husband will be free of the trial which has stolen him away from us for many weeks. love to you.

  6. We know those ginger people would much prefer to decorate your tree, Jeanne, than to be gobbled up as a sweet treat. Your paintings are always treats to us! Have a great weekend of sweet indulgences.
    C + C

  7. Baking is a Christmas tradition, so good for you for keeping it alive, Jeanne. I recently baked with a dear friend myself and made Madeleines for a cookie-exchange party. They did not turn out half bad, to my great surprise ;-) I wanted to stop by and wish you a very merry Christmas. I am so happy we met in person, at long last, this fall. And I can't thank you enough for bringing my favorite French bulldog, Coco, to life. Joyeux Noël, Jeanne! - Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)



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