Monday, December 8, 2014

Dreaming of a Blueandwhite Christmas

 Our tree

Did you have a good weekend? Ours was festive! Fa la la with friends, favorite traditions and decking the halls (and loving every minute of it). Now thoughts are moving on to gift giving, such a fun and rewarding part of the season. There is the hope that you match just the right gift with the right person, and that you give them something they will enjoy for years to come....

So it was such a thrill this weekend when my friend Dana posted a photo to Instagram of the blue and white ornament from Harriet Damave that I had given to her years ago....

Do you know Harriet Damave? I think it was Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things who introduced me to her...

Her handcrafted Delft ceramics -  each one a work of art - are an inspiration. Perhaps I love her so because of the blue and white...  and perhaps it is because of the appreciation for anything made by hand with passion and love. Or maybe it's because Harriet finds inspiration in colbalt oxide, which reminds her of "painting with watercolours on rough and absorbing watercolour paper."

Love that she is now selling in gift sets - sure to be heirlooms...

Photos from Harriet Damave 

Just one or a few... perfectly matched to that person on your list who is dreaming of a blueandwhite Christmas... especially if that person is you! 

How is your Christmas shopping coming along? 

Happy Monday! XO


  1. Gorgeous my friend! I love your festive mood starting earlier. The entire MONTH should be dedicated to cultivating a spirit of celebration and we started this weekend by simply putting up the greens. How fun that was because you feel like a kid again!

    BLUE AND WHITE? ALways! Happy Monday! Anita

  2. These are so beautiful..and delicate, lovely! Can you imagine an entire tree with them? I can!! Glad you had a great weekend, we did too and your holiday schedule sounds a lot like mine, hope to finish most of the decorating by tomorrow (but always tweaking) and shift my focus to gift buying (hopefully A LOT online)! Enjoy your day....

  3. I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet and have absolutely no idea what I am going to get anyone. How do you like them apples? If I was smart, I would offer some of these gorgeous ornaments...the ultimate Jeanne-y Christmas item if ever there was...

  4. Bonjour Jeanne. A lovely post, très visually appealing, as always :-) I am happy to report my Christmas shopping is done. I had no choice: Gifts had to be wrapped and shipped by this morning in order to arrive in France in time for the Holidays. So I had to be efficient, whether I wanted to or not. Now I can breathe a bit. Since I now live in an apartment, I suspect decorating will not take much time at all, but I have been ordering a few new ornaments and Holiday-themed items on Etsy and can't wait to receive them. Bonne semaine, Jeanne! Your friend from across the bridge, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. What a darling Christmas hostess gift! Love these! Thanks for sharing,

  6. Jeanne,
    Now, I am dreaming in "blue and white too!"
    I love Holiday traditions and giving little things that remind us to find the joy.
    I hear some people admit to -"not giving" and I think it's sad to just give up. I love giving a home made item or something that people can share, like tea, or cookies or a basket of fresh fruit.
    Thanks for sharing all your dreams.

  7. Oh, how beautiful! What a great keepsake gift!!

  8. Beautiful! love the combination of the holiday colors with the blue and white .. and the ornaments are my favorite :)

  9. Just beautiful. (I may have to pull out my blue & white this holiday. It's been too long!)



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