Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An Invitation to Dream of Grand Gifts

How is it possibly the second week of December? The holiday season is flying by so quickly! And since it's the second Tuesday of the month, that means it's time for By Invitation Only, the monthly blog party where a group of international bloggers chats about a topic suggested by our hostess, Marsha from Splenderosa.

The question? In the spirit of the season of giving, what in the world would you give to the people you love most if price or practicality weren't part of the equation?

For my wonderful husband, I'd love to wrap up a hall pass that would give him license to shrug off responsibility and take his much dreamed of "Ski Bum Tour," skiing his favorite mountains up and down the spine of the Rockies - and of course, I'd throw in some heli-skiing here and there...

For one of my dearest girlfriends, who is about to start a major remodel on her gorgeous Norman-style tudor home, I'd take her to France for a Brocante Tour led by Sharon Santoni from My French Country Home. We'd scour country fairs and brocantes in Normandy and the flea markets of Paris. We'd fill up a container of antiques and vintage finds for her project. We'd meet the famous Gibson and Ghetto and I'd ask the person who organized my Giverny painting excursion to pull some strings so that my friend and I could paint in Monet's garden while it was closed to the public.

Of course, we'd have to stay in Paris a few extra days (I'm sure her husband wouldn't mind). We'd rent a big enough apartment so that the friends of her choice could join us, too! 

And speaking of Paris... my Mom and I used to talk about taking a mother-daughter trip there someday. One of my biggest regrets in life is that we never had that adventure. Unfortunately, I think the chance to do so has passed because of my Mom's health, but if anything was possible this Christmas, I would turn back the clock a bit and off we would go! A dream come true...

So if there was no limit to the gifts you could give, what would be on your list for friends and family?

Be sure to stop by to see what the rest of the By Invitation Only crew has to say on the topic. You'll find them all at Splenderosa.

And for more gift ideas and holiday favorites, you'll find me on Wednesday oops make that Thursday at The Enchanted Home where the lovely Tina has invited a few of her blog friends over to guest post... Hope to see you there! XO


  1. I love your post, Jeanne and your illustrations as always are wonderful...I love the Eiffel Towers...you're so clever...oh, if only we could turn the clock back and make our dreams come true...wishing you and your family a very happy christmas...much love xx

  2. This is my favorite holiday post so far this year!! All your illustrations are lovely (as always). I wish the first one could be my Christmas card! I also wish I could turn back the clock and travel with my mom. Hugs to you, my dear Jeanne! Have a lovely Tuesday! xoxo

  3. Oh Jeanne, I would do all the above too. What fun it would be to be able to do all the constructive and artistic things we wanted! A ski trip? YES MA'AM! I'd go to Switzerland with my husband, and yes, I'd continue to remodel our French style cottage into a Normandy style home too!

    I so love your watercolors. You are wonderful. Happy day! Anita

  4. Oh Jeanne, this is so beautiful the part about your mother really touched me, and has me feeling weepy because it reminds you of just how precious time is......such a gift that we need to seize and take advantage of when and while we have it.
    Oh and husbands who love their adventures.....and the girlfriends trip sounds like a dream. Our ideas were similar:) Lastly your beautiful art was the crowning touch here....just beautiful!

  5. Love this post Jeanne! Maybe you and your sweet mom could take a virtual trip to France this year, and end it with a French inspired brunch.

  6. These are all so beautiful Jeanne. Your talent just keeps expanding outwards and upwards and we are the lucky ones who get to benefit from it. Of course, I teared up when reading about your wish for your Mom. I know that you would give anything in the world to make that happen but I also can be sure that the time you spend with her means just as much wherever you are.
    With much Love to you and lots of Holiday happiness too,

  7. Those CHAIRS...........is that my CHRISTMAS CARD??!!!!
    You my dear have out done yourself!The husband and the ski trip.........mine would love that TOO!
    Your MAMA and you dancing over to PARIS...............DIVINE!
    Shopping with your GIRLFRIEND with SHARON!I can say from EXPERIENCE YOU WOULD LOVE THAT!Meeting Ghetto & GIBSON would be the icing on the cake!
    All magical..........MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  8. Your artwork is, of course, an expression of you, all the best of you. We can see it and feel it also. I am so thrilled that you are part of our brilliant group and this post proves the need for you. Blessings upon you, my talented and lovely friend, Jeanne. Merry Christmas, darling.

  9. I always adore your illustrations, Jeanne. They lighten me immediately (not always an easy task)! And I love your ideas here - all experiences that would never be forgotten, and would be so much fun.

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  10. Wonderful ideas and beautiful drawings Jeanne and my favourite part was of your Mother. If only we could turn back the clock. Maybe you should have a day in with your Mother and watch ' Midnight in Paris, eat French food and listen to Serge Gainsbourg.
    Wishing you the merriest of Christmases filled with love and togetherness. XXXX

  11. The perfect gifts Jeanne... and I too love your illustrations... Gorgeous, xv.

  12. Your illustrations are so wonderful and your gifts are perfect. The gift of time, priceless! Wishing your sweet Mom and entirely family a warm, loving Merry Christmas!

  13. Jeanne,
    You clearly have the knack for choosing the ideal gift for those you love! Your illustrations are a gift, in and of themselves, but coupled with a "once in a lifetime" experience is gifting at another level! My hubbie would live for a "ski bum pass" as well....plus a golfing pass! I'm so sorry that you weren't able to make that trip to Paris with your mom. This confirms my thoughts about planning something special for my mom, who turns 75 this coming February.

    Thanks for reminding us to live in the moment and to dream BIG!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  14. Well thank you Jeanne, I am beyond flattered to find myself on your wish list!! We'll just make this happen as soon as possible, I'd love to take you shopping and show you the delights of Normandy!
    I adore the illustrations for this post, especially the romantic ski tracks, so sweet.
    Have a wonderful christmas and give your mum a special hug

  15. Jeanne,

    I agree with Sandy, this is my favorite holiday post as well. Your beautiful illustrations, thoughtful gifts and story about your mom brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.

    I have traveled often on mother daughter trips and they are my most cherished memories.

    Have a happy holiday!

  16. Cannot agree less with all comments above! Simply charming and enchanting! What else can I say?
    Well done! Love your post!
    Warmest greetings from the Périgord and best wishes for Christmas,

  17. What lovely illustrations and fabulous dream gifts! That chance to paint in Monet's garden would be amazing.

  18. what gorgeous illustrations to accompany your wishes! they are all sweet ones, jeanne. peace.

  19. Jeanne I love all of your gift ideas for your loved ones! Perfect! Your illustrations are so wonderful along with each! So happy to see you featured at Tina's today!

    The Arts by Karena



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