Monday, November 24, 2014

Bucket List

Happy Monday, all! How is your Thanksgiving week shaping up? I've got a little champagne on the brain - not only will we be toasting all we have to be thankful for, but we're providing the venue for our friends Bob and Christina's annual Champagne Party this weekend.  So there will be bubbles a plenty!

A vintage champagne bucket is the perfect place to chill them -  I love how Elizabeth at Pretty Pink Tulips used hers to style a champagne bar cart. But there's a multitude of uses for these chic coolers:

A stylish waste basket in the powder room...
The perfect "wrapping" for a hostess gift (here)...
A cache pot for your holiday amaryllis or paper whites...
A vase for a big bouquet of champagne pink roses...

Cheers, everyone! Here's hoping your holiday week bubbles over with lots of cheer! XOXO


  1. Now that was a sure fire way to put a smile on my face this Monday morning! I know that you have a big week ahead...sending good thoughts that all goes smoothly and that you have a wonderful time...

  2. You are a mind reader...I was just shopping online for a vintage bubbly bucket for my husband for Christmas (he is SO hard to buy for, I just buy things I want!) Have a happy Monday, Jeanne!! xoxo

  3. What a charming picture!! Those would make the cutest cards, just a hint:) I would be the first to buy them!

    Agree a wine bucket is a very versatile accessory to have around, they also make great planter for paper whites around the holidays!!

    Enjoy your day.

  4. LOVE it! They are versatile aren't they!

  5. Jeanne,
    I love your celebratory bucket list which is not only stylish but also inspiring to celebrate life! I am now going to be on the lookout for a few vintage buckets. It does make a great gift. I love the mini champagne bottles that are just for two wee glasses.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you dear and to your family and friends.

  6. I collect the silver plated ones!!!!THink I have 23.................XX

  7. I hope the champagne party goes wonderfully!!

  8. We're sending you our best for a great Thanksgiving, Jeanne, and toasting you from afar! The champagne disappears so quickly in our households that we use our buckets for miniature Xmas trees around the holidays. We hope you have a wonderfully bubbly week!
    C + C

  9. I finally made it here to a very BEAUTIFUL place I am grateful for, and for having discovered you finally this year! Oh Jeanne, what a great idea (my husband brought home some PINK champagne for me!!!!!)-your colorful world of illustrations (I must share my former drawings with you) and your bright spirit just lift me up.

    Thank you for your comment from early yesterday; you touched upon a very important area of my life. I have been studying poetry for about three years now, but always put my blog style on another level APART from poetry. Granted, poetry requires words alone on the page, but who's to say that music and imagery can't break convention? Your comment helped me see myself in a new way. Thank you.

    Have a bubbling good Thanksgiving and CHEERS! Anita

  10. Oh, Jeanne....I just love this illustration!!!!! And, the special shout-out! Just today, my mom and I were having lunch at BG and "had to" have a glass of champagne to celebrate the holidays and having her here for Thanksgiving! The city is all lit up and I feel like we made it in just under the wire with the storm headed our way tomorrow.

    How fun to be helping host your friends' annual Champagne party - I know I would love them! I will be looking for lots of Instagram updates.

    Cheers to you, my West Coast friend...may this weekend be the beginning of a magical holiday season for you!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  11. Such a fun, fun illustration! Absolutely love it Jeanne. I hope the champagne party is a huge hit; sounds like my kind of fun. Thanks for giving us great ideas how we can use these lovelies in many unique ways. I hope your Thanksgiving was great and cheers to the bubbly! x



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