Monday, November 10, 2014

A Boat, A Whale & A Walrus - And Red Ticking

Happy Monday, everyone! How was the weekend? Ours started on Thursday night with a book signing event for Seattle restauranteur Renee Erickson's A Boat, A Whale & A Walrus at Pam Robinson's Red Ticking.

It really is a book to celebrate, and celebrate we did with plenty of bubbles and yummy bites from Renee's Boat Street Café and The Whale Wins.


Having Connecticut artist Mary Maguire on hand made the evening extra special - Pam's customer's have been charmed by Mary's watercolors for years and Renee's restaurant The Whale Wins took it's name from one of Mary's painting with the same title.

And flowers from Nisha Kelen's Fleurish made everything that much prettier.

Of course, this being Red Ticking, there were plenty of other temptations on hand...

Many of my east coast friends have been talking about coming out to Seattle for a visit... and when they do, you can be sure that Red Ticking and at least one (if not all) of Renee's restaurant's will be tops on my "musts" list for them. Whether it's the light and airy French-accented Boat Street Café, the seaside shack crossed with your favorite Parisian oyster bar The Walrus and the Carpenter, the wood-fired goodness of The Whale Wins, or the charms of tiny Barnacle, all celebrate what's best about Seattle - local bounty, not too fussy, relaxed and easy-going, but still beautiful.

Renee gets every detail right in her restaurants, and the same is true for her book. It unfolds with seasonal menus for feasts like a Lummi Island Spot Prawn Dinner, and shorter, less structured recipes that make the most of the best ingredients of the season.

And there are stories about the people who are part of the restaurants' success - from oyster farmers to her mother, father and brother, who have worked, advised and provided support along the way. All accompanied by gorgeous photographs by Jim Henkens that capture the well-lit airiness which seems to always permeate Renee's restaurants, even on the rainiest Seattle day.

It's one you can't wait to share - I served up an impromptu supper on Sunday night all made from recipes from the book. It was lovely to see how well the dishes translated from Renee's restaurants to my table at home.

Pick up a copy for yourself, send a copy to a friend. It's sure to become a favorite.

Hope you have a delicious week! XO


  1. As someone who prefers to read cookbooks straight through like novels, this sounds right up my alley! Beautiful photos of a lovely looking evening...bravo to all involved. And now, I am off to check out the restaurants because I am geeky like that. :)

    1. Heather, you would LOVE this one - I think it was written for people who like to read cookbooks straight through like novels - it tells a beautiful story and makes me proud to live in the Pacific Northwest. Pam's lovely shop was the perfect spot to fete it! And if you ever came to visit it would be tough to decide which of Renee's restaurants to take you to, but I think the original, French-accented Boat Street Café would be my first choice. You would love the chicken liver paté and vintage loveliness.

      Have a wonderful week! XOXO

  2. Good morning Jeanne! This whole ambiance reminds me of my beloved second home town near Boston...oh the sea and the inspiration the seaside establishments bring us! This restaurant and the book, WOW, this looks like a great read for wonderful menus. And those watercolors look like vintage masterpieces too! I need to get out to Seattle with my husband the next time he goes out there on business. He's been there this past summer and loved it!

    Enjoy your day; we are getting our first snow storm as I type!

    1. Hello Anita, it would be lovely to have you visit Seattle, I think you would really love it. Lots to see and eat! Hope you stay warm as the snow begins to come down! XOXO

  3. WOW! I have to say I am so enjoying the one you gave me, I just recently started going through it and must mention it on my blog it is FABULOUS. In fact I have the roasted chicken with capers bookmarked to try this it and thanks again for it.

    Please promise when I go to Seattle we will visit one of her restaurants!! And how beautiful is Red Ticking? Two must see's when we visit! This looks like one fun night...I must say Seattle is one cool place:)

    1. Hi Tina, Glad you are enjoying the book. I made the mussels in cider last night, they were delicious. The perfect Sunday Supper.

      Red Ticking and Renee's restaurants are definitely a must for when you come visit. I'm trying to think of which one you would like best - maybe the open, airy, friendly The Whale Wins, which matches your gracious personality (the ceiling lighting spells out "hello").

      Lots of fun things to plan if you ever make it out here - you'll have to stay awhile! XOXO

  4. Jeanne,
    Your "Red Ticking shop" is to my "Maisonette shoppe" and I love supporting local shoppes and sharing good things. I will contact Pam to get my own copy of that book! I adore the cover! Glad we both have such spots to reward ourselves. It's what I call "good temptations."

    1. How lucky we are to have such good temptations in our neighborhoods Patricia. Places to inspire, comfort and retreat to. The cover of the book is by talented artist Jeffrey Mitchell - he also does hand-drawn menus and art for Renee's restaurants and they are just magical.

      Hope you have a week full of good temptations! XOXO

  5. Hi Jeanne!
    The event, the shop, the book...all look amazing! You can bet that I'll want your special itinerary when I make the trek out West! Definitely have to see Pam's shop! Speaking of shops...can't believe that Sarah used to be in Seattle. I recall the name of her shop but had not put the two together. You'd love Dovecote for sure!

    Happy Monday, sweet friend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Renee's restaurants and Pam's Red Ticking are definitely on my list for you - and luckily Red Ticking is just up the hill from our neighborhood. Yes, Sarah used to be in Seattle. Her shop was just lovely - I bought my first vintage pieces from her for the little condo I lived in then. Three homes later an I'm still using them! Would love to get to Dovecote someday.

      Hope you have a wonderful week! XOXO

  6. How exciting, Jeanne. What a beautiful book, beautiful shop and beautiful event…looks like the perfect evening! Adore the title and the images look wonderful…perfect gift for Christmas!

  7. Hey Girlie, I need to get on her mailing list so I know when she's having a book signing or party........ What a fun event and the book sounds wonderful. So glad you got to try out some recipes too:)

    I've been swamped at work (busy season with everyone trying to get their skin looking good for the holidays..) and then there is the "house" issue . Also enjoyed your post today:) darling pic from your wedding:) xxleslie



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