Monday, October 6, 2014

Falling for Fall Colors

How did you spend the first weekend of October? We escaped to the eastern side of the state where warm days and cold, crisp nights make for some beautiful wines. The temperatures soared into the 80s and you would have never believed it wasn't summer if it wasn't for the brilliant tapestry of fall colors everywhere.

Don't you just love the rich palette of fall? Purples, oranges, reds, golds and greens give everything such a warm glow this time time of year. They caught my eye the other day at Seattle's Ravenna Gardens, one of my favorite local shops for a little seasonal inspiration...

A few of those gorgeous heirloom pumpkins came home with me (more photos to come) and they certainly brighten a "back to reality" kind of week.

What are your favorite fall colors?

Hope your week is full of gorgeous autumnal hues! XO


  1. Next to spring, this is my favorite of all the months, but it's hard to decide because when summer and even when WINTER comes around, I feel the same way!

    We finally got hit with cooler weather this weekend here in Minneapolis Minnesota, but we too were having an extended summer. These colors are FABULOUS and my favorite pumpkins are the white and blueish gray!

    Enjoy the HAPPINESS of harvest! Anita

  2. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post! I love Fall colors also!

  3. Jeanne I really love seeing the bright deep purples and reds in with the oranges! Great color palettes!!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. i love all the fall colors ...those soft sage pumpkins are beautiful!

  5. Ah these colors are so wonderful and warm, they make me smile!

  6. PURPLE..........I think and I do adore the white pumpkins.However, the CINDERELLA PUMPKINS always speak to me......the short squatty ones!So, all of it to answer your question.........I adore ALL color!

  7. This is my favorite season. Your images are lovely. Unfortunately, we're still experiencing summer temps. I'm hopeful that by Halloween we can expect some serious fall weather.

  8. I like to grumble about summer ending, but I do love fall! Your photos are spectacular, Jeanne! xoxo

  9. gorgeous fall moments you have captured here. the season passes so swiftly here, and we can never take too many pics of the colors changing everyday. lots of time spent outdoors in this gorgeous weather, and tomorrow walking in chicago and to the bowie exhibit. this weekend it's my high school reunion. oy vey! could be fun. could be...interesting. in any case, fodder for a creative writer! smiles.

  10. Jeanne,
    Currently, I am in love with all the Fall colors! I have a few pairs of bright cords that I love in October, orange and marigold. I love pairing them with Navy so I don't look like I am a walking Halloween crazy lady. I also love some of those rich reds, claret, scarlet and cabernet.
    Your images are amazing as always!

  11. I love this post! Such gorgeous colors. Sometimes I struggle with fall (sad to see the summer end). But seeing these pictures makes me want to celebrate all that is fall!



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