Monday, August 18, 2014

Blooms Where They're Planted: Buying Local At The Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

Happy Monday, all. Isn't it wonderful to have a fresh new week ahead of us? Taking a moment to stop and smell what's blooming seems to be the perfect way to start things out right, so come with me to one of my favorite resources for flowers, The Seattle Wholesale Growers Market.

Housed in an historic warehouse in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood, the cooperative supports local farmers who sell their flowers, greens and ornamentals directly to florists and stores. 

And on Fridays, from 10 to noon, the general public is welcome to shop, too. So it's the perfect place gather blooms for weekend events, or just to bring a fresh bouquet of seasonal loveliness home (while supporting local farmers).

Last week the warehouse was bursting with high summer color - bright dahlias, snapdragons, zinnias and antiquing hydrangeas. Happy sunflowers were perfect for a party, and the deepest, reddest dahlias are currently brightening up the kitchen counter.

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market
5840 Airport Way South, Ste. 201, Seattle, WA, 98108

Anything pretty blooming at your house this week? XO


  1. What a lovely to start the week, Jeanne! When we had a studio in the flower market in New York, we would spend a couple of minutes every day walking through the stores and inhaling the delicious scent of fresh cut blooms. Summer flowers are always a favorite around here as our grandmother had dahlias and snapdragons in abundance. They will always remind us of her! Have a great Monday.
    C + C

    1. How wonderful to have the New York flower market in your backyard! What a perfect place to wander every day. Hope you ladies have a lovely week and that there are plenty of moments to stop and enjoy the late summer blooms! XO

  2. Gorgeous...I can smell the fragrance from here ;)
    Have a lovely week, Jeanne xx

    1. Thanks, Catherine. Hope you have a lovely week, too! XO

  3. How fun..and I love the setting, an old warehouse! Those gorgeous hydrangeas in that palest of pink are some of my pretty and soft. I like they they open it to the public for a short time....its a nice thing to do for the community wishing you a great start to your week:)

  4. A beautiful post to start the week! Look at all the gorgeous flowers - how can one choose? Thanks for sharing your visit there, Jeanne. Fabulous source. Cheers

  5. Your photos of the flowers are so pretty, Jeanne! I don't know if it is just YOUR life in Seattle, but your posts make me want to pick up and move there! Hope you had a happy Monday! xoxo

  6. You couldn't leave me here for long. SO many beautiful flowers, but how beautiful to enjoy at home.
    Happy Tuesday, Jeannie.

  7. Oh how I love flowers and these are gorgeous!!! Hope you enjoying that last few weeks of Summer!



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