Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Wauwinet Welcome: Your Nantucket Home Away From Home

Did you have the chance to lounge this weekend? Our weather shifted towards gray, but there were still sunny moments for impromptu wine country picnics and dinner at a sidewalk table in our neighborhood. But with clouds in the forecast this week, I'm wishing we were joining our friends Gen and Denis on Nantucket. And whenever Nantucket comes up, so does our theoretical perfect Nantucket house...

Not too big, but just the right size to fit all our guests. Cozy, welcoming interiors. A big porch to sip coffee in the morning or play scrabble on a rainy day. A beach for walking. A stretch of lawn for lounging or playing croquet. Lovely flowers all around. And amazing views of the sunset...

Of course, that just about describes the Wauwinet, the lovely inn on the northeastern point of the island, where guests have been welcomed since 1875. Checking in there, you feel like you've been invited to stay at a friend's home that's been in the family for years... and happens to have a spa, a fantastic chef, and the luxury you'd expect from a Relais and Chateaux hotel.

Perhaps we don't need a house in Nantucket after all as long as the Wauwinet is there to welcome us!

Where is your favorite beach retreat?

Happy Monday! XO


  1. Looks and sounds perfect, an old fashioned kind of vacation that highlights the simple pleasures, i am so in! I love the Caribbean and The Hamptons (but the traffic has made it less appealing as there is never it seems a time when there isn't traffic anymore) But give me a quiet beach, a comfy chair and a book...and I am one happy girl!

  2. I love Nantucket! I agree with Tina that a quiet beach, a comfy chair and a book equals one happy me.
    Love to go to Harbour Island, have you been there?

  3. IS IT MONDAY?I have lost all track of time.............Tuesday is my BIRTHDAY!THat INN is that a statue facing the ocean?You caught her in the light and all......just STUNNING!I do not hang out at the beach anymore.........but ITALY again calls as we would go to PUNTA ALA for two months at a time in the summer to the campgrounds there.SARDINIA, was my favorite beach spot ever,but only been there once!I think you sent YOU WEATHER down SOUTH.............almost rained yesterday!ALMOST........and we need it BAD!XX

  4. Wow! Such a beautiful and quaint place! I need a vacation. A long one.
    Happy Monday, and thank you for sharing, Jeannie.

  5. Your house is beautiful and you have the touch Marty! You made it happy with all that gold and yes, never thought gold would be Summery, but it is and I love it! The tangerine is awesome and very classy, indeed. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.
    House Decoration

  6. I love the Wauwinet...and love that is slightly removed from the rest of Nantucket...the best of both worlds! I hope you buy a beach house on Nantucket - we would be on the same coast and we could connect! Have a great week, Jeanne! xoxo

  7. beautiful! my fav is on oahu's north shore. a rustic surf shack right on the ocean we have been lucky enough to hang out at for several years. i long for that place just now.


  8. I love the Wauwinet (and the Pink Elephant) and the best kobe beef burger I have ever had is at the Wauwinet…delicious!!



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