Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Time For Tulips

Hi all, hope you had a joyful Easter and that your week is off to a wonderful start. After way too much fun and sugar, I decided to make a long weekend of it and step away to take a breath or two, which is a lovely thing to do this time of year when everything is in bloom. We've been meaning to drive up north to see the tulip fields all month - such a spectacular sight - but so far schedules and weather have nixed any plans...

But, taking the time to slow down a bit revealed that there's no need to go far for a tulip festival. There's one happening right here in our neighborhood. A walk down the block serves up so many happy bright colors and pretty heads bobbing in the sun.

Something as utilitarian as a traffic circle suddenly burst in to a riot of color - a big thanks to whoever planted those bulbs where usually only the most mundane of shrubs hang out.

And just a few blocks away at the corner grocery...

A seemingly endless parade of spring's finery, ready to take home.

How wonderful to find so much beauty and magic in one's everyday world, which is one of the most wonderful things about spring don't you think?

What beauty are you seeing right in your own neighborhood these days?

Happy Wednesday! XOXO

PS: Dear email subscribers, so sorry for the technical issues of late. I know that some of you aren't receiving emails, while others had two land in your inbox last Friday. Hopefully a switch in feed services combined with and a new email address will resolve things once and for all. The I Dream Of IT Department (AKA Mr. H.) is hard at work troubleshooting, so we'll keep tinkering until things are back to normal. Thanks for your patience! XO


  1. Jeanne,
    Love how you always find time to see the beauty of blooms all around~
    Gorgeous illustration and your photos are wonderful. What kind of camera do you use?

    1. Thanks so much, Patricia! My wonderful husband gave me a Cannon Rebel for Christmas and I just love it. I haven't had much experience with cameras, and it's so easy to use. Lots of fun! Have a lovely week! XOXO

  2. Hi Jeanne, Beautiful illustration and photographs! I enjoy our tulips so much at this time of year. The variety is endless and the colors are so fun. It's been years since we've visited the tulip festival and I think it's time to go back. I'm sure it's gorgeous this year. Hope you are having a nice week!

    1. Thanks Leslie! In spite of the rain, I think we are enjoying such a beautiful spring here in the Seattle area.

      Hope you are having a lovely week, too. Your blog is looking great! XOXO

  3. The tulipani are all gone in my garden........I think they are one of my favorite flowers!I have a couple of PEONY now and the roses.........well they are a FORCE now.......can't wait to get up from the computer and go outside with my latte and take it all in!!I LOVE YOUR PAINTING with your HUNTERS BOOTS!

    1. Hi La Contessa, There is a life lesson somewhere in the fact that one favorite flower has to fade before the next beauty blooms - I always think about this in the time when we are transitioning from tulips to lilacs and peonies. Glad you love the painting - I'm living in those Hunters this soggy spring! XOXO

  4. Jeanne,
    You really made my morning! I'm in the midst of a crisis of "oh dear, I've signed up to help with too many things" and feeling overwhelmed. But, hopping over for just a minute and seeing all these beautiful tulip blooms and that darling illustration but a BIG smile on my face. A reminder to "stop and admire the tulips", as those are the things that bring us joy in life! Hope you enjoyed your extended Easter holiday.
    xoxo Elizabeth

    1. How lovely, Elizabeth. I'm so glad I could help brighten your day a bit. (I'm kind of having that same crisis today, so can totally relate!) How wonderful to be able to put a smile on your pretty face. Tulips always make me think of you of course! XOXO

  5. Your tulip pictures give us hope that ours will bloom soon... Right now our yards are a riot of yellow with daffodils and forsythia everywhere. The magnolia trees are about to pop then come the tulips! We hope you're having a wonderful week so far, Jeanne.
    C + C

  6. What a cute illustration. I think we so often take for granted the beauty which is around us and so close to home. Your tulip photos are spectacular especially those taken at the corner grocery. I have purple ones in my kitchen and in our neighbourhood I've been admiring avenues lined with pink cherry blossom trees. A lovely time of year!

  7. I love your water colors!! I wish you lived by me we could go back to do Great Wall murals again!

  8. Jeanne-
    This is one beautiful post! I love tulips! I am so happy that mine are still thriving after Easter.
    Your illustration is fabulous, as always.

  9. Wow! Beautiful tulips in a rainbow of color!!! I like your illustration. Gorgeous! Tulips always make me smile.


  10. beautiful images you have preserved here! looking forward to may's flowers and pleasant weather which is so uplifting to the spirit.

    happy weekend.




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