Friday, April 11, 2014

Eat, Play and Discover: Penelope and Paloma's Guide to Paris

My friends Bobby and Sophia (nine-going-on-10-year-old twins) are headed to Paris for the first time. Pretty exciting! Their mom has been asking for some thoughts on where they should eat and what they should do. For a start, I sent them this:

But I have a feeling that the best City of Light scoop will come from their friends, sisters Penelope (11) and Paloma (3) who, you may recall, are seasoned experts at the Paris game. What would they recommend?

TRY EVERYTHING: Bobby and Sophia are pretty adventurous eaters, so probably will be game to at least give most things a taste. In terms of "kid-friendly, not-too-expensive" spots, soufflés at Le Cigale Récamier, Little Breizh for crêpes and Cocottes de Christian Constant come to mind.

DINE ALFRESCO: Paris is made for picnics and the Tuileries is a perfect spot to enjoy lunch in the sun. Other great spots to dejeuner sur l'herbe? Canal St. Martin, along the Seine, the Place des Vosges or the Esplanade des Invalides.

TO MARKET TO MARKET: Bobby is a bit of a gourmand so shouldn't miss one of the many marchés about town. Marché Raspail, Rue Cler, Marché Monge and Marché Maubert are favorites.

TAKE A WALK: The Metro makes it easy on smaller feet, but walking is also a must in Paris - the best discoveries can be just right around the corner, so get ready to go explore a bit.

SEE THE SIGHTS: There's so much to see in Paris! Why not make a game of it? How many monuments can you count? A game of Paris landmark bingo, perhaps?

PLAY IN THE GARDEN: Reserve a sunny morning or afternoon to hang out in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Sail a boat in the grand bassin, ride a pony or carousel horse, hit the giant playground (Le Poussin Vert), take in a puppet show.

TAKE A BREAK: You've seen the sights and played the day away. Find a sidewalk café and relax. Hot chocolate or citron pressé for you, a glass of wine or champagne for Mom and Dad - plus some of the best people watching the city has to offer.

TAKE PLENTY OF PICTURES: Of course we'll all want to live vicariously, so get lots of snaps, s'il vous plaît!

What tips would you add to Penelope and Paloma's Paris Guide?

Photos from Heidi Diaz and I Dream Of


  1. I want to go to much!!!

  2. Oh.....lucky girls! And what a magical time to visit...seeing these pictures always gets my heart racing and my mind dreaming. I think your last suggestion about stopping off at a cafe and taking it all in might be my most favorite thing of where in the world is "taking a break" what it is in the grand city of Paris.

  3. How wonderful to travel at any age but especially as a child. Give each girl a journal to keep to write in each day and draw. I have a lovely journal from my daughter that I cherish. Children notice things we don't as adults. Paris to me is all about the people, the fashion, the culture, the food and the ooh la la!
    I wish I was going with! Comfy shoes, a camera, a journal and they will have a ball.

  4. I definitely agree with Patricia. They only need comfy shoes, a camera and ... they will be having wonderful time in Paris. There are a lot of the top attractions and destinations. They will enjoy the city’s parks and gardens, art museums, climb the Eiffel Tower, etc. Paris is a great place to walk and you can do so for hours. Paris is magical for everyone!

  5. I seriously just want to move to Paris for the year! Why not?!
    Thank you for sharing these young ladies' take on things.

  6. So cute Jeanne;) ..counting the monuments! great idea:) and lots of pictures of course. Thanks for sharing the fun with us and Happy Friday!

  7. Count the WALLIS…………..I think I have the name right?The beautiful drinking fountains that were donated to the city from Mr.WALLIS in the early 1900's………..

  8. Dearest Jeanne!

    Thank you! I just shared this post with Bobby and Sophia, and they were smiling from ear to ear! :) When we came to Monument Bingo, Sophia said, "Those are all the places I want to see!!" Looks like it's "game on." Bobby now cannot wait to eat his way through the city...! Thank you for the tips and the inspiration - are you SURE we can't sneak you into the luggage? We wish you could be there too!!

    XOXO, C

  9. How wonderful seeing the happy little faces makes me smile, lovely images as well!!

  10. This post is wonderful - I am definitely bookmarking it!! Bobby and Sophia are lucky to have YOU and Paloma and Penelope leading the way for them.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Jeanne! xoxo

  11. What wonderful advice from Penelope and Paloma and the twins have so much to look forward to. We lived right off Place Monge when we were in Paris and loved going to the marche there. We also loved walking along the Seine and admiring all the painters trying to capture the essence of Paris.
    C + C

  12. brilliant tips, j! i just have to say berthillon. that is all.



  13. Jeanne, such great tips, who wouldn't want to follow the rex of those two darling girls? Great post.

  14. Paris is a wonderful city for children and the Jardin du Luxembourg is the perfect spot for them to relax and have fun. I love to stroll by the Canal St Martin too.

  15. So adorable! I love a Paris Guide for Kids from the viewpoint of the children! Here are things my boys (age 6 & 8 at the time we visited)!
    1. Hot Chocolate at Cafe de Flore
    2. Guiding boats in the pond inside Luxembourg Gardens
    3. Seeing the Louvre with a tour guide from Paris Muse ( an absolute must!)
    4. Climbing the narrow stairs of Notre Dame and seeing the gargoyles up close
    5. Riding the carousel and bouncing on the in-ground trampolines inside the Tuilleries

    Bon Voyage to your younger friends. We hope it's absolutely magical for them!
    xoxo Elizabeth



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