Friday, February 7, 2014

Orange You Glad?

Friday already? Orange you glad it's the weekend?

The end of the week finds me busy with a fun little illustration project, so just a quick shot of citrus hues today to warm us up for the weekend. Some highlights of what I love most about Paris - flowers, window shopping, and les Puces. Oh, so much temptation to be found there!

Hope your weekend is bright, happy and warm - just like the color orange! XO


  1. Love it!! All the iconic beautiful French names and things we all love...equally beautiful in orange:) Hope you have a fabulous and sunny weekend.

  2. So beautiful Jeanne! And what girl doesn't light up at the sight of those orange boxes? ;)
    Bon Weekend!

  3. Yes, I am so glad it's the weekend! This post has me wanting to to a little shopping for something citrus;) Your photos are so pretty Jeanne .. those tulips at the top are gorgeous. Have a nice weekend!

  4. Gorgeous snaps! I love all things citrus, especially in the winter! xo

  5. We are so glad this snowy week is over and even happier that the storm predicted for this weekend is not as bad as predicted! Orange is such a bright, happy color - no wonder Hermes made it iconic. Hope you have fun with your project.
    C + C

  6. Oui, mon amie!! Thanks for sharing the sunshine on this dreary February day. Fabulous photos, Jeanne. xoxo

  7. Such bright cheerful colors you just gave me a total pick me up today!!Cheers!!

  8. Definitely glad - such a gorgeous post...dying over the de Gournay paper!

  9. Those tulips are beautiful. I love flowers especially during winter time.

    Have a nice Sunday.

  10. Well you know how much I love this! And didn't you love the de Gournay shop? Did you stop in to Zuber across the street?



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