Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Homemade For The Holidays

My favorite part of the holidays is when things slow down just enough so that you can take the time to create the details that make the season special. Like a hand-painted tag that adds a little something more to a gift - something you just can't buy in a store.

Now that the presents are wrapped with a little homemade flourish, it's time to bake cookies, another handmade gift that spreads a little sweetness. I'll be home today with a pot of soup on the stove, some bubbles on ice, and the door open to friends who want to pop by for a little holiday cheer.

With just one week until Christmas, how are your holidays wrapping up?


  1. Hi just popping in to say hi (these days have to do it before 8) and before the busy days begin! Love your gifts, its those pretty personal touches that make the difference!

  2. Your creativity in all your do really impresses me.
    I am still chasing my tail and trying to find short cuts.
    It will all get done. Have a glorious day

    Helen xx

  3. Hot soup and something bubbly on ice sounds so good today. Your gifts look so pretty and the tags are such a nice touch. I am embarrassed to say I've not yet finished my holiday shopping. Today is my last day at the office and I'm looking forward to making a list ;) and wrapping things up! Have fun today:)

  4. We'll be over in a bit! We never seem to slow down enough to add the special touches to wrapped packages - the fact that a gift was actually purchased is a miracle. Your tags are lovely and we hope the recipients keep them as the little treasurers they are. Have a great day, Jeanne!

  5. great idea, going to "borrow" your tag idea for next year.

  6. what an adorable wrapping job! it inspired me to post my own wrapping ideas tomorrow. thanks!

  7. Oh I love the wrapping and the tag is my fun. I'm at the wrapping stage, but mine is not nearly as pretty!!

  8. One of these days, I am going to surprise you~ I always love how you create such thoughtful signature touches. Love your tags, and the visual of bubbly and pot of soup on the stove.

  9. So beautiful, I better step up my wrapping game!!!I love these!



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