Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Very Paris Christmas

My girlfriend Liane landed in Paris today for her annual Christmas shopping extravaganza. Don't we wish we could smuggle ourselves along in her suitcase? I can't think of a place where I'd rather finish start my holiday shopping!

But I have some fun Paris news, myself. Maybe all your wonderful suggestions for how to spend 24 hours in Paris were just too tempting, because while Mr. H. made plans for a January boys' ski trip, I started doing some planning of my own. So while he's busy shushing down the Utah slopes next month, I'll be strolling along the Seine. Thanks to available airline miles and a nice winter discount on Paris Perfect apartments, turns out that Santa will be putting Paris in my Christmas stocking this year. I'm already counting the days! (50)

If you could find a ticket to any city under your tree on Christmas morning, where would you want go?


  1. Hello Jeanne

    I am delighted to read of your impending trip to Paris.
    I will also look forward to reading all about it.
    Venice Italy is my default city, followed by Florence.
    Have a wonderful day
    Helen xx

  2. You lucky (and smart) girl! How fun!! We were in Paris in Jan and it was magical....when is it not? Love the beautiful and festive.
    Enjoy your day and planning Jeanne!

  3. Bonjour Jeanne. Your girlfriend Liane clearly made a stop at "Merci," the ultimate Bobo store in Paris these days :-) Then again, who doesn't ? I am happy you will get to fly to Paris soon. Freezing your derrière on the ski slopes vs. walking all day in downtown Paris… Hmmm… I bet that was a tough choice :-) Wish I could join you and go home for a while, but it looks like I will be holding the fort in Seattle.. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. Oh wow, how lovely!! Europe at Christmas time is enchanting!!!

  5. What a great idea to go to Paris when your husband is off skiing! It almost makes me wish my husband was a skier so I would have an excuse to do this! xoxo

  6. Jeanne, you're gonna be traveling again? To Paris?? Let's were in Maine, Provence, Bhutan, etc. You lucky world traveler :) Happy December!!

    1. I know, Loi. I'm crazy-lucky. I feel very fortunate to have been able to travel so much in the past year - and to start 2014 with another trip. Here's to adventure! Happy December to you, too!

  7. So happy that you get to go to Paris, Jeanne! What a wonderful gift!!
    Happy Wednesday!

  8. how cooooool that you will be returning to paris! should you be there on a thursday, do check out the afternoon concert at the bastille opera. (get a ticket online before your trip)

    and bonus points for rhyming merry with paris. how did i never put those two together before!?!

    bonne nuit.


  9. ahh I'm drooling! That sounds lovely!!!!

  10. Lovely that your getting to go exactly where you want. And, sometimes it's wonderful to be on your own or with a girlfriend. Merry Christmas !!


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