Friday, November 8, 2013

Paris in 24

"A walk around Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty and in the point of Life." -Thomas Jefferson

My chic friend Deniz is planning a quick stop in Paris between a work trip to London and visiting family in Turkey. Lucky girl! She's been to Paris before, but never to the flea markets, so I suggested the Puces de Vanves over Les Puces de Sainte-Ouen. Smaller, easier to navigate, and most of what you can buy there will easily fit in your suitcase--I found most of my collection of café au lait bowls there. They cheer up my kitchen and remind me of Paris every day.

After a morning of treasure hunting, there will be plenty of time left for some other adventure in her 24-hour whirlwind visit.

I'm curious, if you had just one day in Paris, how would you spend it?

Bonne Weekend, everyone! XO


  1. would be a chock full day. Of course hitting at least two museums (Musee de l'Orangerie being a smallar but amazing choice), eating every single decadent meal i can squeeze in (croissant breaks in between) gotta add some great shopping (of course)! And I would include a side trip to the Loire Valley because its like a magical fairytale come to life. That said, my absolute favorite thing to do more than anything in Paris is walk the streets with no agenda, just taking it all in, it truly makes every one of my senses come alive. So amazing! Love the art:)

  2. It's such a beautiful city with wonderful museums, art, food and fashion...would try to squeeze a in a little of each. Happy weekend!

  3. That is an excellent suggestion, Jeanne--and yes, half of our furniture and paintings came from Vanves!--but also because St Ouen is such a schlep.
    So, after? For shopping: Merci and Le Bon Marché (one of my happy places, even when I can only afford to look), a walk through the Tuileries to l'Orangerie (good one Tina!) to see Monet's waterlilies or the Nissim de Camando, over to the Palais Royale to buy perfume at Serge Lutens. Lunch at Frenchie to Go and drinks at Le Marie Celeste plus a stroll along the Seine at night...
    Sigh. Now I want to hop on the TGV!!!!
    Bisous et Bon Weekend,

  4. Oh ,I want a quick stop to shop in Paris!!! How fabulous she will have a wonderful time!!

  5. Well, I would have to visit the Louvre, drink as many coffee drinks as possible, eat as many meals and desserts as possible, and do a little shopping.

  6. Ahhh...what I would do for one day in Paris! I would visit all my favorite places and eat as much as possible!! I wrote a blog post on "One Perfect Day in Paris" ( that you may enjoy.

    Have a lovely weekend, Jeanne! xoxo

  7. Strolling the banks of the Seine with an ice cream cone from Berthillon in the summer and window shopping on Faubourg St Honore and a hot chocolate from Angelina in the winter! Bon weekend, Jeanne.
    C + C

  8. Such a great question!!! I think I would spend time exploring the Left Bank, have lunch with a view of the Eiffel Tower, walk through the Tuilleries, visit the Louvre, the Rodin, people watch from a cafe, finish the day with champagne at The Ritz. xoxo Elizabeth

  9. mmmmm. it would have to include some time in the marais. i'd pop into carnavalet. see modern art and nibble pain au chocolat. i will have to get to vanves!


  10. Hi everyone,

    Massive apologies for the delay posting about my not quite 24 hours in Paris. Thanks to all for the lovely ideas, especially my dear friend Jeanne. After getting off the train at Gare du Nord (makes me nostalgic for the days passengers traveled across Europe in the most elegant fashions… think Richard Avedon’s 1947 photograph of Doe Avedon at the station) and walked to Jeanne’s recommendation, Hotel Duo. Only a couple of miles from the station, it was a beautiful walk as most are through Paris. It was a cold, clear evening as I arrived at the hotel in the heart of the Marais. I dropped my overnight bag off (having left my week’s luggage at the W hotel in London) and walk to Chez Julien for chateaubriand . This, yet another spot on recommendation from Jeanne was quaint with taper candles, chandeliers, red velvet cushions and beautiful mirrors. The food and wine were delicious and my only caution is the wait staff are not particularly hospitable. While dining alone (and sheepishly reading Hemingway), they moved me in the middle of my meal to make room for another group. I was already trying not to be noticed dining alone but I could see a few sympathetic looks as the waiter picked up my plate and shuttled me to the back corner of the restaurant. After dinner I walked along and across the Seine to Notre Dame, just arriving at midnight. It was a beautiful evening, and while I was freezing, I was content in that I was making the most of my minimal time in the city of light. Sunday morning I woke and decided to brave the larger and overwhelming Les Puces de Sainte-Ouen. I took Jeanne’s advice and decided to focus on Marche Vernaison - the historical birthplace of the St. Ouen flea market. I was on the hunt for an old wine pichet (similar to the ones Seattle restaurant Le Pichet uses) but it was not meant to be. I don’t have a home to shop for at the moment, but enjoyed rummaging through the silverware, period furniture, ceramics, old picture frames and such. I fell in love with many vintage designer pieces but of course have nowhere to go in them. I don’t wear fur, but if I did, Vernaison would be the place to buy a classic old world glamour piece. I then got back on the metro with the intention of making a visit to Galeries Lafayette and the Moynat Paris boutique on Rue Saint-Honore to buy a gift for a dear friend. It was only after I stood with the crowds outside the animated Galeries’ Christmas windows (mice dressed in gossamer tutus catching a falling star and monkeys in top hats dangling from pocket watches) did I realize that of course, many stores in Paris are closed on Sundays. I made my way to the Musee d’Aet Moderne to walk thru the Azzedine Alaia retrospective, a highlight of my trip. From there I walk to Champs Elysees to take in the Christmas booths, carols and mulled wine. It was the perfect end to my 22 hours in Paris. Happy Holidays everyone. -Deniz



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