Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy In Bhutan: Flowers

"It is better to plant flowers than to build monuments." - The Bhutanese Guide to Happiness

We've been home from our Bhutan adventures for over a month now, but I still tend to escape to the Kingdom of the Clouds whenever I have moment to day dream.

I'm a sucker for a formal garden. How lovely to get lost wandering around the parterres of Versailles, Vaux-le-Vicomte or the Chateau de Villandry marveling at the perfection, the symmetry.

But in Bhutan, the gardens are decidedly informal. No imposing order over nature there. Even in the most ornate temples and fortresses, flowers are allowed to mostly just hang out and do their thing. 

Something else about the flowers in Bhutan - they're everywhere. From the most revered holy places to the humblest farm home, in remote villages and the capitol city. Bright and cheerful and, well, happy.

So what lesson do the flowers of Bhutan have to teach us about happiness? Perhaps that we don't need to constantly prune ourselves to perfection, or be so worried about symmetry. We're beautiful enough just as we are?

Or maybe that we just should go plant some flowers.

It's hard to be unhappy with them around.

Hope your Wednesday is blooming beautifully! XO


  1. Love that....the flowers must feel the happy and positive energy and therefore thrive and grow abundantly. Few things make me as happy.....I LOVE flowers!

  2. Such beautiful flowers and photos! It must have been an amazing trip, Jeanne!

    Have a wonderful day! xoxo

  3. Good morning, Jeanne!
    I just love your positive thoughts today! I agree…less pruning for perfection and plant more flowers. I think both of those things would create more happiness for everyone.

    Have a wonderful day in Seattle!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. I LOVE flowers so much. They make me very happy indeed!

  5. We so prescribe to the philosophy of letting our flowers grow and be free! We wish we could give our waistline the same liberties... Your post put a smile on our faces and ended our day in a happy mood! Thanks, Jeanne.
    C + C

  6. oh my. i think you are on to something. something BIG. if you decide to go further with this theme of flowers in bhutan, i think your photos and commentary would translate into an awesome book! don't you think!?!


  7. love wild pretty...looks like a wonderful trip!

  8. I sometimes treat myself to a bouquet when I grocery shop on days when I am feeling a little low. They always brighten the room!

  9. I love both lessons these flowers have to give. Thank you for the ray of sunshine, Jeanne. :)

  10. Bonjour Jeanne. Lovely photos of those cheerful, far away gardens! Mon Dieu. You are about to go into withdrawal big time now that most Seattle trees have shed! All we will see for months are: grey (the skies) and green (evergreens...) Sigh. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

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