Monday, October 14, 2013

Along Came A Spider

Hi all, how was the weekend? Ours was a little hectic! Mr. H's parents are in town this week, and since we've pretty much been nomads the last two months, the house needed some serious shaping up. Autumn finally arrived with soup on the stove, pumpkin bread in the oven, and some fall decor. Nothing too fancy - pumpkins here, chrysanthemums there...

Hopefully things will get zhushed up a bit more before Halloween. My super-talented and creative friend Dana (who always wins her neighborhood's pumpkin decorating contest) let some spidery friends crawl across her blue and white a few years back. Such a clever way to spook things up for the season. 

Here's some more creepy-crawly style:

Will you be decked out for Halloween this year? What's your favorite way to scare up a little spooky style around the house?

Happy Monday! XO

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  1. Spiders never looked so stylish even though they petrify me!! I love your white pumpkins next to the blue and whites..very pretty!! Enjoy your day and houseguests:)

  2. I love ALL of this!!! I think that you know that I was a Goth when I was young--yes? So, even though I normal as can be now, I still have a taste for all things spooky. I bet that front door wreath would keep kids from ringing your bell--more candy to keep! Bwahahaha!

  3. Bonjour Jeanne. Thank you for stopping by, and for the lovely message you left. I am glad I visited you back, since I love looking at Halloween decorations. Mine are not out of the boxes yet. I will have to get things sorted out this week. This may be our last Halloween in this house, so I have to make it extra special for my teenager. Take care, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. Now that's how you do Halloween: scary and stylish!! Love these ideas and photos. Will save for next year as we'll be out of the country that week.

  5. Ever since the boys scared us half to death with a fake spider, we don't allow them (the spiders, not the boys!) in the house. We'll probably invest in some bats though...
    C + C

  6. I usually go all out, but I haven't done much yet. We have a really fun Halloween party/parade in our neighborhood, so I better get going! My boys would love all these spidery ideas!!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  7. Love it!! Getting a late start this year, but there are orange lights on the palm tree and I've just finished the cemetery out on the street beds!

  8. I must confess that I'm not a huge Halloween decorator. A pumpkin out front, a few mums here and there, but I'm saving a few of these ideas for Kristy to use with Will - love the spiders!!

  9. Now that is a coincidence. I do a little bit of research to write a post on these wonderful creatures, and I stumble upon this post :-)
    By the way that picture of the cake takes the cake. I am going to ask wifey how it is done.

  10. I'm not a huge Halloween decorator...I put out a few white pumpkins and call it a day!

  11. eeek I have terrible arachnaphobia (or however you spell it!)! I'll stick with black cat decor!

  12. Oh how adorable!! I love a little fun in with such beauty, and each one of these is great.
    Happy Wednesday, Jeanne.



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