Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Provence: A Walk Through Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

Hi, everyone! Did you enjoy the long weekend? We got out of town to soak up every possible bit of sunshine and fresh air - waking up yesterday to a soggy gray Seattle morning that left me dreaming of blue skies and a small Alpes-de-Haute-Provence village that clings to a limestone cliff.

Care to take a walk with me on market day in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie?


Of course charming villages are to Provence what sticks of butter are to Julia Child recipes. But that didn't make us any less delighted with Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, just a 10 minute stroll from our haven at Le Bastide de Moustiers.

Located at the western edge of the dramatic Gorges de Verdon, near winding roads worthy of a mountain stage on the Tour de France, this little village boast a lovely 12th century church and a Lombard Romanesque bell tower.

Better still (in the wake of gourmet gluttony at Bastide Moustiers) is the hike up to the Notre Dame de Beauviour Chapel, following in the footsteps of pilgrims who began making the journey in the 5th century. The payoff of views of red-tiled roofs and the turquoise Lac de St. Croix in the distance makes the climb more that worth it, even on the hottest August-in-Provence day.

If you'd rather treasure hunt than stroll, Moustiers is also famous for hand-painted faience ceramics, which you'll see all over the village, both signing the medieval walls and streets, and in the ubiquitous Faienceries shops and studios.

And you can bet a bit of blue and white got carefully bubble wrapped and carried home with me...

A little something to remind me of the blue skies of Provence!


  1. Wow Jeanne you dream really well it even came with The town looks fabulous!


  2. Leave it to you to find a bit of gorgeous blue and white in Provence!! And I have explored the other side of the Gorges and had no idea that Moustiers was so beautiful. Now I will have to go...

  3. Gorgeous Jeanne..looks like you got to see and do a lot. Isn't it amazing? I would love to go back sooner than later, glad I got to see it through your best thing:)
    Enjoy your day.

  4. I took an French language immersion course in Moustiers and, like you, strolled around enjoying every moment (and also practiced my French!). Your photos captured it well!

  5. Forgot to say that I LOVE that dog!

  6. Jeanne - thank you for taking us on this beautiful stroll. What a lovely town, I can just feel that ancient limestone. Your piece looks exquisite! xo, ebh

  7. While we had a staycation, you had a true vacation... We're so jealous you got to see the blue skies of Provence!
    C + C

  8. looks amazing... cant wait to see the new blue and white ?? little something that may have made his way home with you?? xx

  9. Amazing photos! I love these beautiful hilltop towns. The faience tiles are so charming. It's wonderful to see artisans and local villagers continuing this art. I hope to visit Moustiers Sainte Marie.
    Enjoy this short week :)

  10. love the butter reference and that sweet sweet pup. and the blue and white boobs!

    thanks for bringing us along.


  11. Love what you have captured for us on your trip!
    The trek is always so worth it to see what the top holds; in view, adventures, cathedrals etc. I found that in Ital and look forward to France soon!

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  12. Jeanne,
    What a gorgeous trip....the sky seems "blue-er" if that's possible!! Must be all the fresh mountain air.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with has me dreaming!
    xoxo Elizabeth



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