Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Provence: Lost in Lavender

Lavender is the soul of Provence - Jean Giono

Since we traveled so late in the season, I thought the only lavender we'd see and smell in Provence would be dried and bundled at the markets. But did I mention we had a "good trip fairy" who made sure we got every last bit of magic from our adventures?

"I would DEFINITELY suggest driving to Valensole--it is on the way and "le plateau" is home to the most spectacular lavender fields in Provence!" our "good trip fairy" emailed the day we left Moustiers-Sainte-Marie to meet up with friends in Noves. And so thanks to her (AKA the lovely and talented Heather from Lost in Arles) we reprogrammed our GPS and away we went...

And with most of the fields freshly harvested, we could have found our way by just following our noses. Stepping out of the car was like being wrapped in purple velvet.

Without the good trip fairy Heather, we would have missed it completely. Merci, Heather!

Did you know that lavender is the flower of eternity? The perfume-scented fields are certainly something I'll never forget about our trip. The smell of lavender will always take me back to Provence.

Is there any scent that always takes you away to a favorite faraway place?


  1. Its so dreamy isn't it! We were there in the off season but just being there felt magical, the smell was in the air and I felt lucky to have been able to visit. Yes roses always remind me of visits to my great grandmothers house.....

  2. I just love the smell of lavender and such beautiful images. I never pass by the scent of a gardenia without thinking of my grandmother's house. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Lovely post...lavender-infused body cream is the closest I will get this season!

  4. Hooray! Oh, I am so happy to have been your Good Travel Fairy. :) I think many of us would have bent over backwards to have made sure your trip was enjoyable, dear Jeanne. And yes, that you were able to see the lavender, well, that was the cherry on an already sweet cake, non?

    1. Such a sweet cake, but it wouldn't have been half as sweet with our your fabulous recommendations and guidance. Thanks so much, my friend! XOXO

    2. Oh gosh, any time. I think that there is much, much that you didn't get to see so I guess that you will just have to come back?
      And oh, if I had girlfriends like you and Heidi here I would be one happy camper!

  5. Oh my, a good Fairy indeed, what a splendid detour!

  6. mmmmmm i can smell it right through the screen. i have so many olfactory memory triggers. freshly cut green grass is childhood. cinnamon bread aroma is home. and my husband always smells like paris!



  7. The lavender fields in Provence are just magical! I had the best lavender ice cream in Provence years ago. Every summer when I see lavender blooms, I think of that special treat :)



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