Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bringing Provence Home: A Bit of Blue and White

Memories of long sunny days and leisurely market dinners with friends are my favorite treasures from Provence. But it's also nice to bring a little something home in the suitcase too, don't you think?

What better way to remember the blue skies of Provence than a little bit of blue and white faience from Moustiers-Sainte-Maire

The streets of that lovely hilltop town are lined with Faienceries shops and studios, so it took a while to select the one that would be the perfect place to treasure hunt. In the end, we chose Bondil à Moustiers because the people there took so much time to lovingly explain the art of the traditional styles that caught my eye. I noticed later that La Bastide de Moustiers had deployed their creations as signing for the various cottages and rooms around the inn.

After what must have seemed like hours of debate to Mr. H, we chose a set of plates for cheese or salad or dessert.

Each one hand selected. Each one a little different.

I love their shape and that they pair as beautifully with dahlias as they do with sunflowers.

I have a feeling they'll be part of our dinner parties for years to come, and I'm so glad I can share with my guests a little bit of what I love about Provence.

What do you like to bring home from your travels?


  1. In love! Heart palpitation inducing plates:) LOVE the shape, this almost makes me want to catch the next plane to get some of my own...wonder if they sell to investigate:) Enjoy, they are stunning!

  2. Oh my, those are absolutely gorgeous. Truly and utterly perfecto! And there is a LOT of schlock for sale in Provence, certainly as far as ceramics are concerned, so it says much of your fine taste to have unearthed such a treasure.

    PS. I like to bring home spices and antique textiles home from my travels. :)

  3. What beautiful plates, not only the design of the pattern, but the shape. Wow, you brought home a wonderful keepsake.

  4. Your plates are stunning!! And with your sunflowers and rustic table, it looks just like Provence!!

  5. What pretty plates and love the original shape! We traveled back from Provence with hand-painted bowls for our cafe au lait - they say Bonjour! on the side and have a smiling sun painted on the bottom of the bowl. Still have them after almost 25 years... And the memories, too!
    C + C

  6. perfect and so versatile!

    i am frugal and from paris brought back shabby vintage lace remnants and baby dresses and vintage jewelry. the husband fell in love with the moto helmets and colognes so he spent all of our cash on those.


  7. gorgeous. I love bringing back sel de mer and spices.
    your dishes are so pretty. we have some faince de camper fish plates that I love and also 12 days of christmas plates....

  8. J'adore moustiers! Beautiful selection and of course love that they are all unmatched!



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