Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Summer Wind

"Like painted kites, those days and nights/They went flying by" --Johnny Mercer, Summer Wind

Labor Day Weekend...with all of my reveling in the post-Provence afterglow, the end of the season snuck up on me. Admittedly, I'm not too happy to see summer come to it's unofficial end.

A few things I'll miss: Fresh berries for my morning yogurt, blue hydrangeas, garden roses, long days, breakfast on the porch, bare feet, sundresses, sandals, big straw hats, being warm, the smell of sunblock, poolside gossip, picnics, fresh tomatoes, dinner on the lawn, bottles of rosé, beach reads, peaches... the list is as long as a summer day. 

What will you miss most?

I'm wishing you all a happy Labor Day Weekend a little early, determined to enjoy every last moment of summer! Back next week with more warm memories from Provence. XO


  1. Good Morning Jeanne

    I miss the locally grown produce and fruit. I follow the sun as we have a second home in Florida. There is still a difference in the seasons.
    Happy Labor Day weekend.


  2. Oooh Labor Day! I did not even think of it for a second this year. Jeanne, have a wonderful weekend and please have something deliciously American for me. :)

  3. I wish we could have all of those things, minus the heat!
    It snuck up on me too, Jeanne.
    Happy Labor Day to you.

  4. Well the beach which I hardly been to this year, BBQ season, fresh veges and fruits from my local farm stand, summer dressing, sitting outside at sunset with a glass of wine....yep all the things that make summer memorable!

  5. Bonjour Jeanne. I will miss the warm, sunny weather I enjoyed the last two months in Europe and in Seattle. I am missing the tasty, sweet fresh produce my son and I sampled every day at the Saleya market in Nice (what I find here in local supermarkets just does not seem to cut it...) Like you, I will miss fresh blueberries in my morning yogurt (maybe some lemon zest will have to do for a few months?) I am certainly hoping we get more sun so I can enjoy my brand-new pair of Raybans - two-tone Wayfarers, - my first in years. I splurged on getting custom-made lenses, since I am blind as a bat. I look mighty chi-chi in them! They will remind me of summer even when summer is long gone, and we are all fighting the ever invasive local moss... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  6. so much i will miss! wearing white linen. watching my kids play frisbee in the backyard. long walks outdoors. fresh tomatoes. the smell of cocoa butter. tan lines.

    hanging on to it as long as i can!


  7. I will miss so many things.... the list is to long...Summer is my favorite time of year!



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