Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Last Peonies

I'm always so sad to see the last of the peonies.

As much as I enjoy the dahlias that follow, saying goodbye to the peonies almost feels like acknowledging the beginning of the end of summer. The warm sunny days slip away before you know it. Like the single pink petal that falls without notice, only to be followed in the blink of the eye by the rest of the bloom.

We celebrated the last peonies with a Blue and White brunch, where they held the center of attention. Just a little sneak peak today, with more to come when I can get some more photos from my "staff photographers" - AKA my lovely guests.

What's your favorite summer flower?


  1. Peonies and hydrangeas! Absolutely love them. Loved your sentiments about peonies and how the last of them represents the beginning to the end of summer (sad but somewhat true)! Feel like it's starting to go by awfully quick! Enjoy your day and cannot wait to see more on this brunch you threw!!

    1. Love the hydrangeas, too. There were definitely a few invited to our Blue and White brunch. I'll definitely post more soon!! Happy Wednesday.

  2. Your painting is wonderful allowing you to enjoy your peonies any time of the year. I personally am a hydrangea person. Love seeing their full heads pop up everywhere! Please don't rush summer since it only just began I'm not ready for more snow yet.


  3. Thanks Debra! You can't help but be happy with plenty of hydrangeas around. Agreed, I don't even want to think about snow yet!!! Or worse yet, the short dark days. I just hate to see the sunny days slip by so fast - Can't believe we are almost halfway through July already!
    Hope you are soaking up summer today! XOXO

  4. I love anything with vibrant colors, but I am partial to peonies, dahlias and sunflowers!

  5. First, your painting is beautiful, as always, Jeanne.
    I agree that peonies are so gorgeous and happy flowers. You arrangement is beautiful.

  6. Gorgeous painting and very cute blog. I will definitely be back!

  7. Hydrangeas and peonies are my favourites. We have just returned from a two week holiday and all the peonies have now finished flowering. Your illustration is perfect! I definitely must buy some of these pastel pink ones for our garden next year.

  8. I agree with Debra, true summer has only just begun!!! But I am a peony and roses girl. Can't wait to see more from your brunch. Hooray!



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