Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Delightful: Paris Prints And More From Obvious State Studio

Am I the only one who leaves bare walls all over the house until the perfect piece of art can be found to fill in the blanks? I know this drives my husband crazy, but I would rather have a plain, nicely painted wall to stare at instead of a print, painting or photo that I don't really love.

Case in point, our Breakfast Nook. Every morning over my coffee, yogurt and berries, I contemplate the bare wall opposite and wonder if I'll ever find something that makes me want to put a nail hole in it. I've been looking for something vintage and Paris-themed since we have a bit of a vintage French thing going on in the space. So far, I haven't found anything "just right."

But these Paris Travel Prints from Obvious State are quite charming. They may not be vintage, but they do have the classic travel poster vibe going on. Plus, Paris. 

The Champagne/Eiffel Tower one is my favorite, but a grouping of all four could be just the thing for our blank slate of a wall.

Obvious State is the brainchild of Nicole and Evan Robinson -- you probably know Nicole's photography from her wonderful book Paris in Color. The two of them took their passion for Paris, language and literature and sparked a multi-disciplinary creative studio. Along with these lovely prints, their shop includes note cards, Paris Color Project photography, quote prints and these delightful Pocket Journals (The Hemingway is my favorite).

And if, like me, you are dying for a leisurely stroll through the streets of Paris but don't have a trip to The City of Light planned anytime soon, their Paris Journal is just the ticket. A virtual walk across the cobblestones of Montmartre via a digital book that combines photography and film, available for your iPad or iPhone.

Volume Two will be released next week. See a sneak peak here.

So...bare walls until you find the perfect work of art? Or are place holders just fine until something better comes along?


  1. Love the prints..what a beautiful way to fill a blank wall. I have to go visit The Paris Journal because I definitely can never ever get enough Pairs!! Enjoy your day.

  2. Bare wall all the way! Now that we have had the entire house repainted, we're cringing at the thought of marring the walls with nail holes. And yes, the hubbies are chomping at the bit to get something up! Those journals are hysterical and we must remember them for Xmas - lots of friends who write.
    C + C

  3. Definitely a bare wall until we find just the perfect picture. Those Paris prints are wonderful and the café chairs immediately transport me back to our recent trip. Paris in Color is a gorgeous book too.

  4. bare! bare! naked until i know it's right. there's nothing like getting it right and a long exhale of gratification!




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