Monday, June 24, 2013


Our roses have been blooming like crazy this June. Some of them the size of dessert plates.

They've never blushed so spectacularly. I confess, though, the rest of the garden is a bit of a mess. A landscaping project keeps hitting delays and while we wait to start, we've let our little patch of green grow wild.

But the roses remind me that abundance can be found even when things aren't perfect. Not a bad thought to start the week on.

Hope yours is rosy!


  1. Jeanne..those are soooo gorgeous! I bet them smell incredible too. Hope you are getting to enjoy them indoors too, they are like the gift that keeps on giving:)

  2. Oh how I miss having a garden!!! Thank you so much for this beautiful bouquet...Have a wonderful week, Jeanne.

  3. A wonderful thought to start the week on. An English gardener once said that a weed is only a plant that doesn't know its place in the garden... Despite the delays, we know your garden is beautiful!
    C + C

  4. It has been an amazing year for roses in the pnw, I agree. Yours are beautiful, as are you!!

  5. so abundantly lovely.

    looking forward to feeling up to pulling weeds again just because I CAN.

    best to you.


  6. Love your photos and more importantly the message behind the abundance of these beauties. I say leave the yard work and enjoy the abundance that the roses are providing! :)

  7. The roses are lovely....and by focusing on those (and not the rest of the garden) you are focusing on the best part. Abundance comes from seeing what we do have and not what we don' said the passage I read today in Simple Abundance. A great book (daily inspiration) if you have not read it before. :)

    xoxo Elizabeth

  8. So beautiful! While I don't have roses, my peonies and hydrangea have been incredibly abundant this year!

  9. Beautiful! Both your roses and thoughts. I totally agree, Jeanne. Gardening has taught me to enjoy the moment and beauty despite the weeds and imperfections.



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