Friday, January 11, 2013

Who Needs Lemonade?

Cutting the lemon 
the knife
leaves a little cathedral: 
alcoves unguessed by the eye
that opens acidulous glass 
to the light; topazes
riding the droplets,
aromatic facades.  - Pablo Neruda

My friend Heidi dropped by the other day and brought my mother and I a beautiful sunny lemon, fresh from her brother's California backyard. I didn't even have to slice into it to be cheered by its optimistic hue and bright scent. No need to make lemonade! Never underestimate the power of color and fragrance to lift spirits and inspire a little bit of happiness.

I brought my painting supplies to Tacoma but honestly haven't been feeling that creative spark that usually gets my brushes flying. But the brilliant yellow resting against the simple blue and white of my mother's transferware does beg to be painted.

I'm energized by these lemon lovelies by Jennifer Boswell, a Santa Barbara artist inspired by the architecture and landscapes around her home. Can't you just smell the citrus groves?

And the talented Polly Jones and her cup of lemon tea. Polly's work captures the fleeting joys of life. 

My theory is that if you keep a list of the little things that bring you joy, a moment of happiness is never too far away.

What's on your happy list?

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for the continued thoughts and prayers! XO


  1. love this. Amazing how something so simple...but given with such sincerity can brighten your day. There is something about lemon yellow....whether an actual lemon or that in a painting that is so uplifting. Continued prayers for your parents.

    ps: how did the train go Christmas morning?

  2. Jeanne-
    This lemon is beautiful and fresh. You will paint this no doubt later on. I will have to catch up, but I wish all the best to your parents.
    Happy Friday.

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  3. I love your blog, your lovely paintings and your compassionate heart. I am keeping you and your beloved parents in my prayers. May the God of Light and Love watch over all of you.
    Much love and a hug,

  4. The most simple gifts are the best, aren't they? Over here I've had a couple of friends bring me bags of oranges from their trees as hostess gifts, I adore them!

    Take care, my friends, wishing you and your family well. xox ebb

  5. Wow I love your work, you are a great artist. Kisses from Spain.

  6. I can see why this bright and thoughtful little gift cheered you up and the painting of the tea cup is so pretty. What a talented artist indeed. Wishing you a good week ahead.

  7. Hi Jeanne,
    I hope that your parents are doing better. Make sure to take care of you...the caretaker often gets worn down.

    I do agree that there are so many blessings all around us. We have to acknowledge them. I have begun rereading Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach and I am finding it to be such a wonderful guide for recognizing all that you already have.

    Thinking of you and hoping that those paintbrushes begin to fly again!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  8. Jeanne,
    I gave my Mother the book "The Blue Zones" after reading it and loving knowing some of the secrets to longevity. Indeed it is doing what you love, looking for the good, and creating lemonade no matter what life hands you. The power of a fresh lemon is inspiring. I have a painting of lemons, several.
    Love to you and your parents. Thinking of you~

  9. you fashonista you! I bet that Oscar skirt looked killer on you! Take care and have a great week!

  10. What a lovely these pictures and how sweet of your friend to bring you lemons. Hope your doing well and your parents.

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