Friday, January 18, 2013

Something Pretty

Hi all, happy Friday! Just popping in with something pretty.


This Oscar de la Renta gown may be from the 2013 Pre Fall collection, but it makes me think about the daffodils that will be blooming before we know it.

 My Illustration

Spring is just around the corner, isn't it?

Happy weekend, friends - hope yours is pretty! XO


  1. Jeanne,
    Yes, Spring is right around the corner and will be in full abundance.
    I had a reading and was told that nothing can be forced, it will bloom in time. That is true about so many things. I do love the cycle of life, of the seasons and of course, fashion and flowers too.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. What a gorgeous dress and yes...spring is round the corner although we have snow here in the UK and that's so pretty too. As always, your illustration is lovely. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Wow I love that dress! Gorgeous color and so classically feminine! hope you are well and best wishes to your dad. Enjoy your weekend:)

  4. We're heading to the slopes where new snow has fallen so it still feels pretty wintery around here - counting the days until the spring buds start to bloom, though! Hope you have a great weekend, Jeanne.
    C + C

  5. Hello:
    Well, looking at the sleet which has continued to fall all day over a very grey and cold Budapest, we are not entirely convinced that spring is just around the corner. But that said, what a joy to have discovered your most interesting and eclectic blog through that of our dear friend, Heather, in Arles.

    And as for the Oscar de la Renta gown - superb in every way.

    We have joined as Followers.

  6. i felt it this morning as well!

    yes, spring is coming, and in spite of the chilling temps, we have def had a preview this week with gorgeous light and sunshine pouring in...does so much for the spirits and optimism.

    love your rendering of the daffodils!


  7. that dress to die for. Amazed our daffodils buds are already swelling. Hoping for sustained cold weather to hold them back. Your daffodil so graceful

  8. Hello Jeanne

    That is a beautiful gown and I love your watercolour of daffodils. Sending you fond wishes for an early spring

    Helen xx

  9. spring is around the corner... and lot of sunshine... love you... see you soon...xx

  10. Jeanne, you always have just the sense for what we all need for a dose of gorgeous. Always!

    And I am absolutely delighted to see the truly wonderful Hattatts here. They are the most amazing couple and it is in the works for us to meet, hopefully this year. They inspire me so very much.

    Sending lots of good thoughts your way,

  11. Love the yellow gown, not surprising it is ODL, he can do "those" colors like nobody else. Your daffodil painting is exquisite, my dear! xo

  12. Beautiful dress and your painting is very pretty.Looking forward to spring!

  13. Hi, Jeanne -
    Hope you're enjoying the long holiday weekend. Yes, the days are a bit longer, and spring will be here soon! I'm looking forward to my yellow tete-a-tete mini daffodils. Your illustration is lovely.....pure sunshine, Jeanne :)
    Take care,

  14. So hard to believe that spring is right around the corner!
    The gown is stunning,and you know that I love your work!
    Jeannie, I hope that things are better with your parents. You are in my prayers.
    Happy Monday.

  15. Hi Jeanne!

    Love that dress and your drawing! I love a pop of yellow right now when the world seems devoid of color.

    I am counting the months until Spring...I think it comes to us a little later than for you. But, I'll be in warmer climates during a lot of March, so just have to gut through February!!

    Hope your parents are doing well...and I'm glad you're taking little breaks for yourself. So important!!

    xoxo Elizabeth



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