Monday, September 24, 2012

Taking A Hike

Hi guys, Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed a lovely first official weekend of fall! We're celebrating the beginning of autumn by running for the hills - literally.  The mountains are to Mr. H. what Paris is to me, so this escape is a bit of a bookend to our City of Light trip last spring. 

And for those of you who know me well and are concerned that there may be a tent involved in our adventures, rest assured that we have a nice hotel room to look forward to at the end of our hikes (and there's a spa).

Be back soon, hopefully with no grizzly bear stories, but with some good fall color shots to share! XO

Friday, September 21, 2012

You're Invited: A Farewell To Summer Soirée

Happy Friday! Well, this is it. The last official day of summer. I know we've all had one foot firmly in fall since Labor Day weekend, but summer - once she arrived - has been so gracious and lovely and warm. It's going to be hard to say goodbye.  So will you join me in once last celebration to say so long to the sunny season? 

How about something in the garden? Here's the invitation:

The location? Any sunny spot will do...

But since we're dreaming, how about the gardens of the Hotel Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany?

Or Versailles would be appropriate, perhaps?

I'm picturing tables hidden in hedgerows and on terraces...

Roses everywhere...

Especially on the table top!

Even the place settings will be in bloom.

We'll serve tea, of course. But what I really want is one last glass of rosé--and to toast the fading light, a glass of pink champagne.

The food? Our favorite summer flavors at their freshest. Peaches, tomatoes, watermelon....

And lobster rolls. Not typical fare for a garden tea, but I can't let summer end without just one more.

For dessert? Peach Shortcake, please!

Or maybe a cake as pretty as summer.

What to wear? A floaty dress to match the garden...

Grass green shoes.

Hats are optional, but suggested.

For fun, what about a final round of croquet on the lawn?

Hope we'll find our way to many more summer parties in the years to come!

What will you miss most about the season?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Traffic Stopper

Pam at Red Ticking has the sweetest little chair her shop window right now. Every time I drive by it turns my head.

My Illustration

One of these days it's going to cause a fender-bender. I love that it looks like it's wearing blue and white striped pajamas and that Pam has piled a stack of blue books on it's seat - Canal House Cooking Volume 1: The Good Life.

Bringing home stray chairs used to be a habit of mine. We really don't need any more and Mr. H. asked me to stop. But this little guy is so tough to resist.

Hope someone gives him a good home!

Have you done any window shopping lately? 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunset, Sunrise

Aren't the dahlias gorgeous right now? At Pike Place Market last weekend, picking up a bouquet for pre-Barefoot Brunch, it occurred to me that they are like the sunset of summer...

Or maybe, I thought, while walking through the park today...

They are the sunrise of fall.

Hope you are having a beautiful week! XO 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

House Project: The Blue Door

"Why make so much of a fragmentary blue..." -Robert Frost

When we bought our home nearly five years ago, the front door wore a coat of white paint. And it's been white ever since - if you don't count a few black streaks left by an over-zealous newspaper boy. But on a trip to Nantucket, this pretty blue entrance got me thinking...  a little hit of blue paint in just the right spot might be the perfect update for our own weathered gray shingled home - like how the perfect shade of lipstick can change your whole look.

Since then I've looked at a lot of doors... 

And played with a lot of blue paint.  

I wanted a shade that would look like the Puget Sound on a day when the clouds and the sun are hanging out together.

We landed on Benjamin Moore Mineral Alloy  -  A sea-on-a-partly-sunny-day kind of shade, I think.

I'll post a photo of the results soon! 

What color is your front door?

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