Sunday, December 2, 2012

Smells Like Christmas

Hi, all! How was your weekend? We spent ours in a flurry of decorating and celebrating, dividing our time between "to be jolly" - enjoying holiday cheer with dear friends - and "deck the halls" - getting our home dressed up in it's holiday best. 

One decorating flourish I absolutely love is draping the open staircase in our entry hall with garlands galore. Its a bit of a pain (like wrestling a giant python at times), but the results are glorious, and the fresh green scent of Christmas hits you the moment you step through our door.

Here's  a little inspiration:

Simple cedar or draped with sparkle and glitter, just a few yards of greenery adds so much to a room. I'd like to frame our windows as well as the staircase, but fear Mr. H. would go on strike (he does most of the garland wrangling at our house).

But isn't this kitchen gorgeous?

You can find a great tutorial from the wonderful Eddie Ross on his blog. We reference it every year to make sure we don't damage our banisters. And Martha Stewart has her tips for keeping greens their greenest through the season.

Here's the final result at our house:

I can't imagine Christmas without the greens and their marvelous scent. How about you? Do you bring the outdoors in during the holidays? What smell do you most associate with Christmas?

Photos: 1) Martha Stewart, 2) Canadian House and Home 3) Country Living 4) Better Homes & Gardens 5) HGTV 6) British Homes and Gardens 7) HGTV 8) Eddie Ross 9) My photo


  1. I love the smell of evergreen in the house. We made some mulled wine this weekend and the house instantly smelled of Christmas.

  2. It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas....
    love greenery!

  3. It's all stunning Jeanne! Greenery and paperwhites seem to say Christmas to me I love the scent of pine.


  4. Hello Jeanne

    I love you home and honestly can almost scent the pine from here. I love it and you have inspired me to get going and begin.

    Have a wonderful week

    Helen xx

  5. Hi Jeanne...I am with you, if you have a staircase its just calling out for garland at Christmas. Yes its a lot of work but boy is it ever beautiful! I will be doing it on our staircase this year too.....might be challenging but i am totally determined! I love that first picture and yours looks beautiful as well....amazing how once you start it really does get contagious! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Pretty, fragrant, and very Christmas-ey. On the bright side, here in the Pacific Northwest, it is not difficult to find a great tree that will generously share its bounty with hall-decking obsessed locals :-) Great job, Jeanne. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. love these images. I tried eucalyptus in my garland around the door for the first time this year. As if the fraser fir could not smell any better...the mix with eucalyptus is amazing

  8. Jeanne-
    You stairway looks amazing. It is draped perfectly, as I would expect.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Happy Monday.

  9. Hi Jeanne!

    Looking gorgeous :) and I had to chuckle with this one.. It IS like wrestling a python isn't it?! Also.. the reality of REAL garland is lots of cleaning (pine needles everywhere) I still haven't tackled this project and I'm contemplating whether to go fresh or faux. I've got the fresh on one of my mantels. It's fairly tidy because people generally don't go too close.

    Looks like you are off to a wonderful start with your decor. It looks absolutely perfect!


  10. After a weekend of baking and candy making, we're feeling quite festive ourselves. We'll be decorating the doors and setting up the tree soon and in the meantime, burning our winter candle which smells like a walk in the woods on a snowy day (even though it's 60 degrees outside!)
    C + C

  11. love the scents of christmas--especially citrus and cinnamon. my mom's house smelled incredible with christmas cedar candles burning and holiday baking almost everyday.

    your stairway looks perfect!


  12. Just bought my garland and will be doing the same this weekend!! I love the look just not the clean up but have obviously decided to keep with the tradition!!

  13. It looks gorgeous, Jeanne. I love fresh greenery and your staircase has such a beautiful draping! Hoping to finish mine today ~

  14. It's a lot of work hanging the garland on the staircase railing, but so worth it. Looks beautiful, Jeanne. Very gracious. Please show us more of your holiday decor :)
    Happy December!

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