Friday, December 7, 2012

Pretty Pine Boughs

"When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things give off the greatest glow of happiness." -- Bob Hope

The simple pleasures of the season are the best, I think. Like our wreaths this year, handmade from just a few branches of pine. Nothing added but the the red ribbon that holds them to our doors and windows. Perfectly imperfect, each one a little different. My favorite thing about them are the little pine cones scattered throughout the needles where they grew naturally - not glued symmetrically into place.

They offer a sweet and warm welcome to everyone who visits our home.

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope that you can find some time for the simple pleasures of the season this weekend. XO


  1. Lovely......yes sometimes the simple things are indeed the best things, gentle reminders that we need very little to make us happy:) I hope to find a "perfectly imperfect" tree today, wish me luck!

  2. Hello Jeanne

    I love your wreaths and that each one is different and original makes them all the more special. Your house must be beautiful at this time of year

    Helen xx

  3. you can't top perfection! love the card, as always, your work is so beautiful!
    Happy weekend, Barbara

  4. yes yes yes. nature's perfect without trying!

    peace to you.


  5. simple is always best. beautiful wreaths and love that quote! happy weekend.

  6. Love the simplicity and freshness of pine boughs and will adding our own next weekend to our doors! Wasn't that an amazing post by Tina - how could we even match what she does?!
    Happy weekend, Jeanne!
    C + C

  7. I love the Bob Hope quote and your pretty illustration. I prefer a simple, natural wreath with nothing more than a ribbon and a few cones - in fact this one would be perfect on my door!

  8. Lovely, Jeanne! A simple and gracious wreath to welcome all ~ Best, Loi

  9. those pinecones are incredible, I can almost smell pine....from the photo and your painting

  10. Beautiful! It seems like quite a few ladies on the blogosphere are heading in a more simple direction for the holidays. I just got back from the market and will have to wait until next week to start decorating!! Booo. Things are still a little behind here. I am SO ready!
    Bon weekend. xo

  11. Less is more, as you have proven here. I love your wreath, and the illustration is beautiful. Are you going ot open a shop? Let me know if you do, so that I can add you to the blog shop list.

  12. I absolutely agree
    with you and go with
    a natural palette for
    our Christmas decor.
    Love the inspiration
    for your wreath!!

    Happy Saturday,
    xo Suzanne



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